led flood light with motion detector

by:SEEKING     2019-11-17
For only $15, you can make LED floodlights with motion detectors!
Thank you for checking this.
I think this is my instructions 26 times, so thanks to all of you who have reviewed and commented on my previous instructions.
Cost Estimation: led---$10. 00 two strips(
Preferably waterproof)Motion Sensor---$5.
00 capability level: IntermediateI needs floodlights at the back door of our barn and thinks about why LEDs are not used.
I thought they would be very smart. why not?
The size is a rough estimate I can remember.
Its size is up to you, depending on the material you have.
I hope this will help you anyway.
Tools: scissors-
For this wire cutter sawmill material, the Swiss army knife for nose bending is very convenient: weld two rolls of LED stripsAC to DC power converter motion sensor aluminum foilwoodwoodheat shrinkI so I used aluminum foil with double sided tape on the back.
Next, apply your led to your back panel.
I used two whole rolls.
The board size is 12x16 inch.
But the size is up to you.
It\'s just to show you how it all comes together.
Make sure you have enough space to weld them together.
I welded them together in parallel.
Although it does not look very neat, it is very reliable.
Test your lights regularly so that you can find any problems before reaching a long distance.
I use the glass on the old window in front of me.
It will be easier to get organic glass, but it will increase the cost.
My grandfather cut this for me, so I\'m not a glass cutting expert.
If you are not sure how to cut the glass, there are other good instructions for cutting the glass.
But here are some suggestions: Make sure you score correctly for the first time because you can\'t do it again.
Put a rug or towel under it so that when your tool reaches the end it doesn\'t hit the table and damage the end.
Gloves and safety glasses.
Tip: Glass is easy to buy now.
One of the best places to get glass is goodwill.
Just find a photo frame and take out the glass.
Then let you shine as you want.
Sorry, I don\'t have a better picture of the building.
Photos I was accidentally deleted.
There are basically four sides, about 3 inch wide each.
The glass is located on two wooden strips at the top and bottom.
I fixed the glass to the front with the window screen clip.
Do not over tighten them or you will break the glass.
I put together a slightly tilted box at the back to secure the wires and install them.
The wires of the LEDs come from the top and bottom of the back panel.
After I put these safely together, I put the heat shrink tubes on top of them to keep them clean and fit.
I put a board in the back to install it.
I drilled a hole and tied the wires to a knot in the back so they wouldn\'t be pulled out.
I installed it above the door with two screws.
I drilled a hole in the wall and connected the wires inside to the power converter.
You can also put one of them on it so that it opens whenever you open the door.
It stays for 30 minutes and then closes.
Very good turnout!
Brighter than I thought.
The sensor needs to be adjusted, which is easy.
Hope it helps you.
Let me know if you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or complaints.
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Thanks for checking! God Bless! !
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