LED display puts Bay Bridge in new light

by:SEEKING     2019-11-02
The Bay Bridge will never win against the Golden Gate Bridge, but in the next two years, when it is illuminated by 25,000 flashing LED lights, it sets aside hours of inferiority every night.Rain decided to attend the show on Tuesday night, when the organizers of the $8 million \'Bay light\' sculpture turned on the switch of the project and tripped the lights, the bridge looks a little fuzzy along the cable of the western span.It didn\'t stop thousands of people from seeing fish.Just like the shadow rolls over the cable and then translates into something that looks like a raindrops running downstream.\"It looks more emotional to me,\" Elise Richieri, a 25-year-old San Francisco native, said of the ups and downs of the lights.\"This is a very interesting way of thinking.But not everyone sees the depth of art.When the lights began to flash on the bridge, someone shouted, \"send out a bat signal .\".Every evening between two in the morningm.The lights seem to move along the North-Side cable for 1.8-Artist Leo lemareal spans the miles in patterns and sequences generated by a programming computer located at the central anchor of the bridge.This is a public work of art without taxpayer funding and is a \"gift of light\", says bharareal \".\"You don\'t have to buy tickets,\" he said .\"\"You don\'t need to get into the building.\"City officials expect 50 million people to visit the area and watch the lights.The bars and restaurants on the waterfront were packed with people, and the sidewalks of Embarcadero were packed with people, who gave a quick glance at how big they were, and then rushed out of the rain knowing that the show would last for two years.Over the past few months, staff have been working from 11.m.to 5 a.m.String the led on a cable 525 feet m from the surface of the water and install about 500 lights per shift.So far, organizers have raised about $6 million to cover the cost, which includes more than $15 a night for electricity.The project is the idea of Ben Davis, a creative consultant, who presents the idea to the community as a gift and is organized by \"light up art\", a non-profit organization in San Francisco that promotes public art programs.This effort requires extensive licensing and cooperation from Caltrans, the Coast Guard and even the United States.S.Fish and Wildlife Services.\"Usually, when systems are designed to be rejected, people find a way to say yes,\" Davis said.The finished work is \"unparalleled contemporary art in art history.\"The lights can be seen from a boat on the north side of the bridge, on the waterfront or on the bay, but not from the deck of the bridge, otherwise they may distract the driver.Along with oohs and aahs, the project is expected to bring nearly $100 million in additional revenue to tourists eager to see the lights and spend money, said Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco.But it\'s not just an economic problem, Li said.\"Art has always been my inspiration --You can imagine anything you want under these lights, \"said the mayor with a beard, adding that in previous tests he saw the beard every time.\"Our children will celebrate.\"At the Mission Street Vitale hotel near Mission cadero, the four terraces at the top of the building will provide the perfect light View, which is a\" huge selling point \"for weddings and parties \", said Jill purens, director of sales and marketing.Imagine the bride and groom dancing in the background with the Bay Light.\"It makes me cold,\" said prance .\".Like other businesses on the waterfront, the hotel will promote a variety of packages in the coming weeks and months, including hotel accommodation, dinner or a bay cruise featuring lights.One or two of VillarrealAnnual permit for the operation of art installations on the bridge.However, Li predicted that the life of the second lamp would be longer --fiddle span.Li said it turned \"infrastructure into art \".\"This is a beacon in our art world.\"Raised in the Bay Area, Golden Gate has always been a famous bridge, beautiful lady,\" said Laurie fiver, 34, San Francisco .\".But the Bay Bridge is a bigger part of her life because she used to live in Auckland and has to go through it every day.\"Making the Bay Bridge a work of art is special to me.Jill Tucker is a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle.E-Postage: jtucker @ sfchronicle.Left comDoug Valchar and his girlfriend Eleni Courcoumelis watched the bay lights light up the cable on the Bay Bridge on Tuesday night.San Francisco people watched the lighting of the bay lighting art project on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, which lit the bridge with LED lights from thousands of structural cables.On the left, Lesdo varchar and his girlfriend eleni kurkumelis watched the bay lights light up the cable on the Bay Bridge on Tuesday night.San Francisco people watched the lighting of the bay lighting art project on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, which lit the bridge with LED lights from thousands of structural cables.
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