las vegas street lights powered by footsteps make …

by:SEEKING     2020-06-15
The next time you happen to find yourself walking around Las Vegas while on vacation, you will find yourself with some powerful feet.
All thanks to a new system installed in Nevada\'s gambling paradise, which uses the energy in the footsteps of pedestrians to light up street lights. A New York-
London-based startup EngoPlanet has built these lights, which are driven by kinetic energy that is absorbed by special tiles on sidewalks made by London Pavegen.
Tiles made by London technology, which has developed paving boards to turn energy in people\'s footsteps into electricity.
These tiles will convert the energy of people\'s footsteps in Boulder square into electricity, which will be stored at dusk when street lights are automatically opened.
Designed with Pavegen, EngoPlanet\'s innovative street lights are also equipped with solar panels that absorb solar energy and contribute to the system. The lamps -
To produce the energy of complete freedomalso boast Wi-
Fi hotspots and charging stations for passers-
Use in leisure time.
According to the company, there are more than 0. 3 billion street lamps around the world, operating costs more than $40 billion.
These lights release 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.
PETA Milovich, CEO of Planet NGO, said: \"If you look at the traditional street light poles, you will find them useless.
They just hold the lights.
He added: \"We have changed this through our solution to incorporate useful features into pole positions, and turn it into something that people can rest, charge a portable device, or connect to Wi-Fi.
Los Angeles Mayor Carolyn Goodman added: \"Las Vegas is the leader in sustainability.
We have always been interested in exploring new technologies that can help us protect our cities for future generations.
Lights are also being installed in Philadelphia and St. Louis and further afield in Oman.
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