Karnataka sets solar energy target at 200MW

by:SEEKING     2020-06-07
The chief minister said solar street lights would be extended to all areas of the state.
In order to make the most of renewable energy, the state government decided to promote solar street lamps across the state.
Chief Minister Jagger Shita said in the fourth edition of Solarcon India 2012 on Monday that the state government is focusing on the solar target of 200 MW by 2016.
\"Our government has forced solar water heaters to be installed in all new homes.
\"In addition to this, the government and local authorities have taken the initiative to install a large number of solar street lights and signals in Bangalore and several other cities,\" Shettar said . \".
The state government is pushing the solar sector by implementing a new renewable energy policy.
It added 441 MW of renewable energy in 2011, including wind and solar energy. 12.
\"In our 2012 budget
13, we have proposed to establish a green energy fund by imposing a surcharge of 5 paise per unit on industrial and commercial consumers.
It will be supported by the government\'s 25 crore.
The fund\'s available resources will be used to encourage solar projects connected to the roof, he said.
Murugesh R Nirani, minister of large and medium-sized industries, said that the state has proposed to install 200 MW of solar energy by 2015 --
16 procurement of power supply companies (Escoms)
Fulfill the obligation to renew purchase.
\"Every 80 MW solar power project in 2011-12 and 2012-
13 winning bidders have been awarded through competitive bidding.
Karnataka Power Co. , Ltd (KPCL)
Four solar projects have been commissioned with a total capacity of 19 MW.
\"A 5 MW solar power plant in cakinnell, Haveri district has not yet been installed,\" the minister said . \".
The government has decided to set up solar parks in Bijapur, Gulbarga and Yadgir areas to provide plug-insand-
Fast implementation of paid facilities for solar projects.
\"Cities in Mysore and hub li --
Dharwar is covered by solar models
City projects and roofs
These cities may be under the net harvest plan.
The concept of measurement, he said.
State is leading the way in installing solar water
He said that Karnataka State Renewable Energy Development Co. , Ltd (KREDL)
1,000 major buildings in the state have been identified for the implementation of solar photovoltaic projects with a capacity of more than 100.
\"About 100 major business organizations have been identified
\"The cooking system,\" he said . \"
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