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Chandahar/fakepur (Kannauj)
Last time Salman Khan-
Starrer was shown in cinemas across India, and two backward villages in Kannauj were also under the control of \"Dabang fever.
Gorgeous goggles and big story
The belt has spread out, but young people in chandahar and falkpur are still unsure about the correct dance movements.
Finally, rent a CD player, a generator, a TV set and some convenient rechargeable batteries from neighboring towns.
Then the show started.
For 68 years since independence, residents of Kannauj\'s fakiirpur and Chanduhar villages have stagnated at sunset.
Fakiirpur and Chanduhar are hidden in the remote corner of the VIP area now and have never been powered on.
This year, however, residents of neighboring villages received a surprise. They were hand-
Selected as part of Akhilesh Yadav
Leading the dream project of the Samajwadi government;
A solar village of 100% square metersIn a fully-
State-funded initiatives, everything--
From flour mills to diving pumps and street lights, solar energy will be powered on.
Rajendra Singh, 50, a native of Chada Hal, breathed a sigh of relief.
Over the years, he said, we went to the nearest town, Tirwa, to charge our emergency lights because there was no electricity at home.
We had to walk six kilometers to and from Tirwa to charge the lights to make sure there was light after dark.
Now the LED street lights outside illuminate the house.
Although with dusk, the solar street lights in the village have lit up the narrow lanes of the village, 450 houses in the two villages will be officially opened on July 7 by former President APJ Abdul Kalam in the presence of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and members of the Kannauj (MP)Dimple Yadav.
The people in the village were obviously excited.
More than just Rajendra Singh, 2,000-
After completing solar power generation, the strange residents of Chanduhar and Fakirpur of bhosi gram sabhapowered micro-
The grid set up under the project, after 68 years, provided them with lighting and electricity to meet all their daily needs.
Azad Ali of Fakirpur shares the joy of rajendra.
He just bought a small TV because of the electricity.
He was busy preparing a Wood on Monday.
Put this gadget on the mud shelf in the corner of his thatched house.
We are used to the darkness.
Our kids don\'t even know what TV is, some of them choose to go to the nearby town of Tirwa to watch TVexhibition)
Or \"nautanki (drama)
In the name of entertainment, he said.
But glam Saba Singh\'s efforts have been rewarded and the chief minister has asked regional officials to prepare a solar project.
Chanduhar and Fakirpur were selected as the first village to be powered by solar energy.
After the approval of the state government, the people of both villages stood up to help the northern state development bureau for new and renewable energy (UPNEDA)team.
For the smooth start of the project, Rajendra Singh gave him two pieces of farmland.
The villagers also helped us install the poles, recalls s k. Gupta, a project officer at UPNEDA.
On June 9, Chanduhar and Fakirpur villages were given power and informed Jagdish Singh, who worked with the state government as a villagers\' representative on the matter.
He told TOI that on June 9, we distributed sweets and special Prasad to celebrate the festival.
Today, there are LED street lights in most of the lanes in both villages.
Tell me, who wants to live in the dark in this computer age?
\"It\'s just that we have no choice,\" says Graham Platan.
Singh added that when agricultural land was seriously affected, the villages were very vulnerable during the monsoon.
It was almost a curse for us when we were forced to pay extra money to irrigate our land by hiring water pumps --
He told reporters to leave from a nearby town.
We have had a lot of problems in the past, but since the lights will be installed in our home, it is easier for us to do housework, especially in the evening, and it is easier for our children to learn.
Now, we will be able to move around the village at night without any fear, said Prabha Devi, a 60-year-old local.
Over the past week, however, the two villages have witnessed the busy activities of the installation of wires and electricity meters for almost every household.
Mahesh, a villager, told the village that electricity would be provided free of charge in the first five years.
In fact, officials have successfully tested the power supply in many houses, he said.
Sp mla and Minister of State Vijay Bahadur Pal, who discussed the matter with the chief minister, said: one can imagine that since independence, hundreds of houses dotted with the two villages have no electricity?
The poverty had pushed the villagers out a few years ago.
The move will help them experience true independence.
250 KW mini-Grid worth Rs 6.
15 crore, built in a record time of 4 months.
The minister said it would power 60 street lamps and provide energy to 450 households and their 2,000 residents as well as to commercial institutions, two schools, a training center and a medical institution.
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