it\'s the new dark age as street lights are switched off

by:SEEKING     2020-06-10
When-plink comes back from a pleasant dinner party, you just park outside the house!
-The street light went out.
You think, \"Oh, great, can I now look at the interesting state of Mars in the night sky ? \" Or are you just crying, \"Damn, I can\'t even see the curb right now \"?
More and more councils turn off street lights after midnight, mainly to save money, not to reduce light pollution.
The number of accidents decreased because they were turned off.
Nevertheless, the AA is still complaining, as accidents are reduced even more in the absence of street lights closed.
Whether you want bright lights to stop thieves and guide drivers or prefer to save money and live naturally, great lights --post switch-
Closure is the certainty of an urbanizing life.
What happened to Enlightenment values?
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