is an apple tv the next big innovation?

by:SEEKING     2019-10-30
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
Yesterday on the street I saw Rocco Pendola\'s \"Apple has to do TV\". In a nutshell --
Or in his words, in the shell of the nut ---
Says Apple (AAPL -Get Report)
It is more likely to succeed by focusing on TV than iWatch.
I agree very much.
Although I don\'t object to iWatch--
Because it could bring some revenue. -
This is not a game-
Change investors want.
After the launch of the blockbuster product, it is really difficult to launch the blockbuster product.
For a company as big as Apple, growing revenue at a high rate is not an easy task.
Apple\'s shares opened $530 today, down 5% this year, but up 17.
There have been 8% people in the past year.
I totally agree that Apple can completely change the living room.
But the real question is whether this is achieved only through physical television.
My biggest concern is the product turnaround and replacement cycle.
Unlike smartphones, there is no need to upgrade to a new TV every few years.
Once a consumer buys a TV, the product usually lasts for a long time.
For example, while I have a TV, I have at least three or four different smartphones.
Since Apple is known for its excellent, high quality products, why do I need to change my Apple TV five or ten years after I buy it?
Second, how will Apple keep its typical expensive price as TV prices continue to fall?
I don\'t know Apple can do it.
If the price of the company\'s TV sets drops, this will directly affect the profit margin.
Despite this, the living room has great potential.
It was not Netflix (NFLX -Get Report)
Not Google (GOOG -Get Report)
It\'s chrome plated.
Slingbox and Roku have made some progress, just like the current Apple TV, but this should not be considered a sensational revolution in any case.
Almost all our equipment. -
Smartphone, tablet, PC, MP3 player-
Incredible progress has been made in the past decade.
But apart from the quality, the TV, more broadly, the living room, has barely changed in the last 20 years.
Apple needs more than a TV set.
It would be nice to have Siri with iPhone and iPad as remote control.
But there needs to be a way to turn TV into something more.
I don\'t mean connecting Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
The video is also wonderful.
I imagine a software product that is complex but easy to use, not just a hardware product: a \"home Center\", not just a good one-looking TV.
Smart home is part of a new wave of innovation.
As the younger generation enters their homes, they will install smart home features.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the characteristic of smart home is more and more convenient, which brings too much comfort to be ignored.
A listed company focused on this-and-
The future trend is control 4 (CTRL).
With a market capitalization of $0. 5 billion, controll4 may even be Apple\'s acquisition target, and Apple rarely spends too much on mergers and acquisitions.
But if Apple does buy the company-
Or build your own platform. -
It can create a \"home center\" for all the needs of the customer \".
Turn off the lights.
Lock the front door
The armed security system.
Turn on the floodlights outside.
Adjust the thermostat. Argh --
I left and forgot to record my favorite show.
You can do the same now.
Other features can be added over time, as well as better features.
Apple\'s deep ecosystem could also lead to higher adoption rates. (
Google\'s recent acquisition of Nest also seems to be on this path. )
Combined with iCloud, customers can not only sync their iPhone, iPad and Mac together.
They can synchronize their home.
Actually, everything on a place, a screen.
Apple must innovate.
I\'m not saying it has to be controlled by the family.
But it needs to do something besides TV or smart TV.
The living room is such an open goal for the next big thing to happen.
This is one of the few areas or focus that millions of people use every day, but there has been no real technological change for decades.
If we know something about Apple over the past decade, it is that the underdeveloped, untapped and very popular technology products we use on a daily basis are at the crossroads of innovation.
In the words of CEO Tim Cook, television \"is still a very interesting area. \"Let\'s hope so.
At the time of publication, the author held AAPL for a long time, but did not hold a position in any of the other stocks mentioned above.
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