interior decorating with the right kind of lighting

by:SEEKING     2019-11-15
In the renovation or renovation of the room, the lighting of the home interior lighting design is always the last factor to consider.
But this is probably the most important finishing part of a successful completion.
In fact, the lighting can change the atmosphere of the room and create an atmosphere suitable for activities in a specific room.
When the lighting is completely wrong, not bright enough or too harsh, it immediately becomes obvious and annoying.
A popular sigh, it is easy to create an atmosphere with a lamp.
The lighting in the guest room creates a warm and warm atmosphere.
For those who have not yet returned home, the soft light in the front hallway is a loving gesture.
It gives a feeling of comfort.
The stylish table lighting has been around for a while, and in terms of lighting equipment, the decor is moving in a more modern direction.
Suddenly, the desk lamp is old again --
Everyone wants a ceiling light for track lighting or dents.
Nevertheless, the desk lamp is once again very popular, and it is not just an intention to provide light for the completion of a particular task.
In fact, in the field of interior design, lamps and lanterns are a fashion accessory.
When a lamp is out of date, it only needs a new shade and it will fit again.
Unlike other types of lighting, the desk lamp is a wonderful way to illuminate the room.
We can produce soft and inviting lights or vivid lights wherever we need them.
We can also move a desk lamp to get the effect we want, either from the lighting or from the lighting itself, as a decorative accessory.
There are hundreds of styles and designs regardless of decoration.
Most importantly, there is no need for an electrician to install a desk lamp.
Until recently, it was almost impossible to find the right light
The lights designed don\'t cost a lot of money.
Today, many household items catalogues extend the lights of all styles for all situations.
Lampshade is another key consideration when purchasing or renovating lamps.
Proportion is everything.
In general, the upright measurement of the lampshade should exceed the diameter of the top edge of the lampshade, but cannot pass a huge measurement.
For small, slender lamps, it is best to use small shades.
There are various materials for making lampshades.
For example, translucent paper tones produce a soft glow effect.
The color of the painting is very interesting.
Linen, cotton and silk, whether they are shirts, pleats or stretched, are beautiful and rich.
Color is an additional consideration.
Dead White is unattractive, but the soft pink gives off a very subtle color that makes all and everything shine.
For the best results, bring the lights on when picking the shadows.
Creating the simplest design in the best way, having the best material, is the safest rule of thumb.
BulbsIf if you haven\'t really purchased a bulb recently, that is, nothing has been done other than buying a replacement for your 60 year oldand seventy-five-
Watt light bulb, look!
All kinds of energy.
Efficient light bulbs, provide more light for your money, save energy and also benefit the environment.
Many of these bulbs are made to give out warm, soft light, and you need fewer alternatives.
In addition, your power company regularly distributes leaflets about energy
Efficient lighting, 100 means controlling electricity bills, as well as some tips for home electrical safety.
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