how to install a motion sensor light

by:SEEKING     2020-05-10
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Credit: opensource with outdoor sports detector lights can provide instant light by providing instant light in the darker areas around your home, or a sense of security when you\'re driving late at night.
They can act as a deterrent to potential thieves like dogs, because people with the intention of robbing a house will look for the simplest option, with the least attention around them, including how the night lights up.
They can also work as normal light, allowing you to turn on the switch on the device and use floodlights as normal external light.
The motion detector lighting is relatively cheap and very easy to install, especially if your home is pre-wired and you are replacing the existing lighting.
Their working principle is to have sensors detect heat waves from moving objects.
When the sensor detects an object moving in its coverage area, it automatically turns on the light for a set time that you can configure.
Most importantly, the sensor is deactivated during the day, so it will never turn on when motion is detected in the sun.
Motion-sensing field of view may vary, but the best version can be seen on an arc at a distance of 240 degrees to 70 feet or higher.
Most people are very sensitive and any blowing of leaves or cars on the street can lead to wrong activation, so many people don\'t like to install them, especially if they don\'t have too many front street yards or lots of trees around the house.
However, the sensitivity of the motion detector can be set to eliminate many false positives, or you can set it to stay for only one minute.
In order to work effectively and limit the troublesome travel of light, you need to put them in the right place: open source, providing the greatest benefits for your needs.
If there are dark areas around your house, you may want to put a floodlight in the corner of your home, which points to each direction on the side of the house.
If anything comes close from the general area of the house, it will illuminate the front and sides of your home, or the back and sides.
If you want to provide more security, focus on covering every angle of your home.
They are used in conjunction with the fences around the backyard and can be part of an excellent system to stop bad activity.
If you don\'t use the garage, you also want to make sure that you cover the front of your home and any sidewalk leading to the front door.
Most homeowners like to install a motion-activated floodlight above their garage, which lights up when they enter the driveway after dark.
At this height, they can be positioned to cover multiple areas and will not be disabled by potential intruders.
Some types of motion detection lights come with a separate motion detection unit that you can place 15 feet or more from the light.
So you can strategically place it on the ground near the sidewalk or stairs leading to your front or back door, which will capture any activity close to your entrance.
You can buy any type of motion sensor light in a traditional bulb, or you can buy more energy-efficient LED lighting.
Finally, if you are worried about electricity, or if there is no pre-wiring at home, you can choose the solar version installed on the small solar panels on the side of your home or roof and point to the most direct sun direction every day.
These are the easiest to install as all you need to do is install light and solar panels on the house with screws.
Wiring is not necessary.
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If the wiring is simple, solar lights can be installed in any place where direct exposure to the sun.
The benefits of outdoor lighting energy-saving solutions to safety issues are automatically turned on without the need to switch security deterrent flexibility, external motion sensors can be installed anywhere around the home power supply options you need to make sure you have some supplies for installing lights.
Usually you need some wire nuts, ladders, electrical tape, a screwdriver, a power drill bit with a spike, and of course a lamp.
If you are replacing the light, it already has a mounting bracket inside the exterior wall or a steel box outside.
If you put the lights in a new place, you need to buy another steel outer box to install it at home.
The wire is simple: Open source is powered by a hole in the circular mounting fixture.
To begin this process, first turn off the power supply of the circuit breaker box light.
Then remove the old lights if needed.
Install offset crossbars so that the fixture can be leveled after installation.
Feed the wires through the rubber gasket and use the wire nuts to splice them together with the wires on the device.
Wrap the nut with tape to create a safe connection.
When installing the lamp on the fixture, make sure that the gasket is in the correct position to prevent the water from entering.
Tighten all connections to make sure the fixture is installed on the side of your home.
Screw the bulb in.
Assuming you have a dual flood light version, there will be lock nuts under each side of the bulb so you can adjust their position.
Once you set the angle of the light, tighten the lock nut again with your hand.
When it\'s dark that day, once you test it, you need to adjust it later.
Now set the sensitivity and timer on the lamp.
Typically, each sensor can manually adjust the buttons at the bottom of the Assembly.
Follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.
For most devices, you will perform some combination of the following process: Turn Off the relevant light switch, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.
Then choose how long you want the lights to stay.
There may be options to control the brightness of the lights.
Next, set the range by selecting the sensitivity (usually low, medium, or high.
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Over the next few nights, you may have to make some adjustments to the angle, range and sensitivity of your motion detector.
Seven years ago I installed a motion activation light on my garage and it has been working flawlessly since then.
I haven\'t even changed the light bulb yet.
I suggest setting it to a minute and it lights up every time I get into the driveway at night so I have enough time to get into the garage and close the door behind me.
On windy nights, it comes up at times, mostly due to the blowing of leaves, but it\'s a minor problem for me as it only stays for a minute at a time.
Overall, this is a simple project that can be done easily in less than an hour, especially if you have a solar version installed.
In fact, the most difficult part of the project might be to find someone with a ladder long enough to get to the top of your garage, just like I did.
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