how to choose light dimmer for your led lights

by:SEEKING     2019-11-05
Nowadays, LED lights are widely used to replace traditional incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps for ordinary lighting.Intelligent lighting control is a popular trend combining the latest control technology.There should be more possibilities when the LED light meets the intelligent control.Since dimming LED is not as easy as dimming traditional lights, not all LED lights are dimmable.If you want to dim the LED lights, you must first make sure they are dimmable.Generally, when buying, consult the salesman first.With the development of technology, traditional dimmers such as Triac, 0-Now the led can be supported for 10 v and DMX.In addition, a number of new control technologies are emerging, including RF/WiFi wireless, DALI, Zigbee, and Z Wave, which enable smarter control of LED lighting.To choose the correct LED light dimmer, you have to solve some problems first: first, what is the input type of your LED light, AC or DC input?If it is designed with AC input, a controller with AC input and output is required to drive the LEDs.Triac LED dimmer is recommended.Of course, other controllers with AC design are also feasible.If it is designed with a DC input, you need a controller with a DC design to drive the lights, and you must also distinguish between constant current and constant voltage.Secondly, you have to calculate the total power of all the LED lights you want to drive, and then decide the load capacity of the controller and the number of controllers you should use.The total power consumed by the Led shall not exceed the load capacity of the controller.Third, which type of control technology is used.As mentioned above, there are many types of control technologies on the market, including Triac, 0-10 v, DMX, RF/WiFi wireless, DALI, Zigbee, Z Wave, etc.For those who just want to light, Triac, and 0-10v are enough.For those who want smart control and smart lighting, DMX, RF/WiFi wireless, DALI, Zigbee, and Z Wave are better solutions.Fourth, once the type of control is determined, you can consult a professional salesperson to purchase what you want.Generally, the dimming system includes the controller that drives the lamp and the control unit that connects to the controller and sends the control signal to it.Of course, sometimes both the control unit and the controller are-in-Depending on the design.You can choose according to your preferences.Once all of the above issues have been resolved, you can choose a great LED light dimmer.
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