how safe is your home?

by:SEEKING     2019-11-09
Imagine monitoring your home from around the world with just one phone.
CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and intelligent lighting systems are equipped with automatic safety systems to take care of your home when you are out.
Experts say only a little planning needs to be done during construction.
\"The price of home automation systems has become more affordable and is no longer considered a luxury.
For example, when planning ahead, two-
Bedroom apartment worth Rs
80 lakh can be converted into a smart home at an additional Rs cost. 5 lakh.
But if you do that later, the cost may rise to RS.
Chitti Babu, managing director of Akshaya Homes, said his portfolio includes smart Homes.
In addition to controlling audio/video systems, curtains and walkie-talkie, home automation is equipped with CCTV cameras, central controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
Irrigation system. Integrated BMS (
Building management software
Pavitra Sriprakash, director of Shilpa Architects, said that this will replace manual operations in office projects and soon it will become common in the home as well.
\"Smart technology enables us to monitor the performance of our systems and optimize energy use,\" she said.
For example, lights and appliances can be turned off automatically when not in use.
Security is also a key aspect of smart homes, and systems are more than just sensors.
For example, if any unforeseen activity is detected, the system can send a constant notification to the user\'s device.
But Shripal and Venkat architect partner Shripal Munshi said it would make no sense to build smart homes without proper infrastructure.
\"To work effectively, the integrated system requires 24/7 uninterrupted power and water.
If this is done, home automation is a good idea both aesthetically and economically, because the initial costs can be recovered in the long run.
\"Because customers choose home automation, C.
Tilak Raj, director of sales and marketing at Malles Construction, said the technology will also penetrate into smaller homes.
\"We have CCTV systems and video phones.
We plan to integrate home automation into our highend flats in T.
Soon Nagar and Boz gardens.
The price of the system is from Rs. 1 lakh;
We can customize our customers as needed and on budget.
Sriram Mulukutla, Adyar resident, chose an intelligent system without decoration.
\"My apartment is very old, so the cost of converting it into a full apartment
Mature smart home will be very high.
I chose specific features like video phone door, intruder alarm, motion sensor and gas leak detection.
Luxury is tempting, but safety is the top priority.
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