How many production lines does Seeking LED-Lighting Limited run?
The number of production lines allows Seeking LED-Lighting Limitedexpanding our ability to develop new markets and generate the required production capacity. Our factory has introduced the international leading, domestic first-class standardized production line. In addition to an effective production line, we have gathered experienced and highly qualified technical backbones and management talents.

The SEEKING brand is a globally recognized led flood manufacturer. focuses on providing a variety of led street light for customers. This product is anti-shrinkage. Mechanical shrinking process is carried out to force the fabric to shrink width and/or lengthwise, so as to creates a fabric in which any residual tendency to shrink is minimal. It features decreased luminaire weight and improved heat dissipation. 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited has great competitive strengths in flood light market all over China. The maintenance cost of the product is much lower than other suchlike.

As a product manufacturer, we always look for materials that could be given a second life, continuously upgrade our packaging methods, and reducing resources wastes to improve sustainability.
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