How about Seeking LED-Lighting Limited R&D team?
The R&D department of Seeking LED-Lighting Limited is a team of several experienced technicians. It takes charge of the modification and development of technology. They will provide support when you have technical needs.

With the development of the economy, SEEKING has introduced higher technology to produce flood light. focuses on providing a variety of high bay led for customers. Combining traditional crafts with a constantly changing collection of designs, a variety of SEEKING led ufo high bay light styles are available for customers to choose from. It is easy to install and disassembly without using tools. The product has good fiber resilience. When it is pulled to a certain length for a certain time, it can still keep its original shape. It is noticeable for its high luminous efficacy.

We will become a human-oriented and energy-saving company. To create a future that is green and clean for the next generations, we will try to upgrade our production process to reduce emission, waste, and carbon footprint.
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