How about commercial flood light after-sales service?
Seeking LED-Lighting Limited is well recognized not only because of the great quality flood light but also due to the excellent after-sale service. Our after-sale service is strongly supported by experienced technicians. The after-sale team offers support when there are problems in use, maintenance, repair, etc.

The reputation of 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited is known globally for its high quality high bay led. 's high bay led series are created based on unremitting efforts. Regarding the theory of lighting, the semiconductor of SEEKING havells led street light plays an important role in the light emitting part. Its semiconductor allows electron going through its layer and converts the electrical energy into light energy. A 5-year warranty is guaranteed for the product to upgrade customer experience. In the field of led high bay products, 2018 Seeking LED-Lighting Limited' professional strength has been proven. Its quality proves to be stable thanks to its time-tested structure.

Seeking outdoor led lights seeks common ground while reserving differences with our customers. Please contact us!
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