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Hockey field in AB,Canada


Customer Introduce
As Canada is cold,so hockey or other ice sports very popular,LED produce less heat than metal halides and much more brighter,ideal for sports lighting.

Projects Description
XJ-HBS200W-2 use in Hockey Field,Canada.
After months' preparation and negotiation,Canadian end user accpeted our solution to use 92pcs XJ-HBS200W high bay(140 lm/W) for 92pcs 400W metal halides replacement. When all the lights are dimmed to 50% bright,they got same FC than previous 400W,up to 75% energy savings.When use for professional games,they just need to be adjust to higher wattage and can easily achieve the goals.

Design picture/Dialux



Before with 400W metal halides

After with 200W Highbay(XJ-HBS200W-2)

After with 200W Highbay(XJ-HBS200W-2)

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