here comes the sun: with a dip in raw material costs for solar panels, renewable energy initiatives across the country are on the rise

by:SEEKING     2020-06-05
When the world\'s only Solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, recently decided to land in the commercial capital of Gujarat, Ahmed Bard, the gesture also proved that the state\'s green certificate was correct.
After all, Gujarat is home to India\'s first and largest solar park, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked on the project as chief minister in 2012.
The park covers an area of 5,000 acres, located in the village of Charanka in Patan district, and today is able to generate a total of 308 MW of electricity from its photons
Hungry solar panels passed the State Grid, eventually helping people watch TV and charge their phones.
More importantly, the park will be more shiny in the next few years, and more solar companies are showing interest in the investment in the region, which is known for its abundant sunshine, according to state officials.
Let\'s wait and see, this trend is in line with the growing interest in renewable energy initiatives across the country in recent years. after the cost of raw materials for solar panels has dropped, only environmental activists have visited.
In Bihar state, the government of Nitish Kumar plans to use solar energy to power 800 villages after a project by the environmental organization Greenpeace brings light to the residents of Dharnai, last year, A village in the heart of Nassar, eliminated 33-
The darkness of the year provides round-the-
Clock power for 450 households and 50 business establishments.
\"Dharnai has become a demonstration project and is now being promoted in 48 villages,\" said Ramapati Kumar, chief executive officer of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Development (CEED)
A private company involved in the Greenpeace initiative.
\"The Nitish Kumar government has taken steps to implement the Dharnai model in other parts of the state,\" he said . \".
The state has also introduced a solar-powered irrigation drive to run 200 pilot pumps in the sun, not diesel.
\"The state has set a target of 2 lakh pump units in the next five years,\" Kumar said . \".
Recently, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, a civic group in West Bengal, also launched some solar projects in the state.
The company set up a solar company.
Electric bus stops in the southern suburbs of the golf course-one of the state\'s similar initiatives, after more and more crimes against women.
The green project was funded by the national minister for youth affairs, Arup Biswas, and supported by KMC.
\"We started the project and sent KMC advice on more such bus stops throughout the city,\" Biswas said . \".
Kolkata also owns the country\'s first solar residential project called rabirashmi Abrams (
Solar Residential Complex).
The project is distributed in one area.
The Renewable Energy Development Authority of West Bengal has planned 76 acres of land.
Each family in the complex generates 2KW of electricity from the solar tiles on the roof for their own consumption and delivers the remaining power to the grid.
Owners will also get electricity from the grid if necessary.
This arrangement works on monthly net metering, a mechanism that helps track excess power transferred to the grid and earn cash paymentsbacks.
Meanwhile, more solar companies are lining up to invest in Gujarat.
It is estimated that there are already 25 companies in Charanka Park and save about 80 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
National Torrent Power
India-based companies and solar companies, a government agency, plan to set up another 50-
According to the social needs of the government, there are MW solar power plants in each
2014-Economic Review15.
Similarly, the Sutter Lujie River JAL Wade and tenigam (SJVN)
A joint venture between the central government and Himachal state is also expected to install a 10 MW project with a total installed capacity of more than 400 MW in the park.
\"These projects may attract new investments of more than Rs 1,000,\" said a senior official who declined to be named . \".
The state\'s economic review document notes that the work of developing infrastructure to accommodate more power and power evacuation systems has begun in a war --footing.
Gujarat now accounts for 66 of India\'s total solar power generation.
In the renewable energy sector, there is growing optimism that businesses want the government to do more, particularly recently when Finance Minister Arun Jaitley cut the budget for the new energy and renewable energy department in February.
Energy experts believe that if ambitious goals are to be achieved, governments must be aligned in terms of policies, priorities and allocation of funds.
Prior to this, the solar project will continue as a sparkling oasis Island within each state.
Input from Soudhiriti Bhabani and Amarnath K.
The energy you get from the Earth is considered renewable energy, you think of solar energy, wind energy, and maybe even bio-energy.
Quality, but a few of us are familiar with one more: Geographythermal energy.
This is the energy obtained by utilizing the heat stored on Earth.
Center for Excellence in geothermal energy (CEGE)
Pandit Petroleum University in Gujarat (PDPU)
Five geographical locations have been identified
After the warm-up is completed, hot spots in the state
Feasibility study funded by the state government. “Geo-
Thermal energy has the potential to generate and provide a sustainable supply of clean, renewable basic loads.
BK Behera, professor at Geo-be, said: \"Many government and private sector companies in the country are exploring opportunities to develop this valuable resource . \"
University thermal unit.
Dashan desetalan Ghana has used solar energy to become a country with a surplus of energy, and these days the cost of the country spending on electricity every day is close to Rs 15.
The country has set an ambitious goal for itself to become a power surplus by 2018 by utilizing the power of the sun.
First Solar Corporation of AmericaS. based thin-
Thin-film solar module manufacturers and developers of global solar projects will entrust a 45 MW facility in the Mahbubnagar area later this year.
Tata Power also provides services to increase the state\'s solar capacity and biomass-based power utilities.
The state government has also partnered with the Hyderabad National Institute for Rural Development to propose solar street lamps in 10,000 villages in the state.
It also plans to train rural young people and entrust them with the responsibility of maintaining solar lighting in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurs.
Telangana has set a target for the development of a 5,000 MW solar project over the next five years.
\"Projects with a cumulative capacity of 1,505 MW will be put into use by March 2016,\" said Aravind Kumar, state chief secretary . \".
State Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu added: \"We propose to install 10,000 solar water pumps on 2015 and in Anantapur, Kurnool and\" to attract investment, the state has also announced a comprehensive solar and wind energy policy.
\"This is because the country is keen to provide reliable, adequate and affordable 24/7 power supply to all users, including 14 users.
Agricultural consumers.
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