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by:SEEKING     2019-10-29
Hyderabad: as the city witnessed the aftermath of the Gale, a GST employee died in a strange accident after a huge flood control lighthouse collapsed at LB Stadium on Monday night.
In another incident in chardelgartyear-
The old boy died after falling a piece of asbestos board and some rubble in the depressed House.
It\'s about seven.
At 30 in the evening, the huge tower near the tennis court accidentally collapsed and fell to the right.
The floodlights that accompanied the tower fell on GST director Subhramaniam and a Ramesh.
The whole area is covered with glass pieces and metal racks.
Subhramaniam died on the spot and Ramesh escaped with a broken leg.
Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)
Officials rushed to the scene to carry out rescue operations and find trapped personnel.
This shocking development has created shock waves throughout the city, and videos related to the incident have gone viral online.
For the first time since the floodlights were laid out at the LB Stadium, a tower collapsed.
A witness, Telangana State Sports Authority spokesman Y Santosh Kumar, recalled the chilling developments he had seen at the LB Nagar Stadium.
\"I was on the phone when I saw the fireworks.
\"In a few seconds, the building collapsed,\" he said . \".
\"Someone is stuck searching under the floodlights.
\"As electricity runs out, people use the torch in rescue efforts,\" Kumar said . \" He added that the incident was shocking because no one expected the metal structure to collapse even with strong winds.
He said the minister of sports was at the venue while the search was underway.
Subhramaniam is reportedly using the inside Road of the stadium to reach the assembled subway station.
In the incident, a parked car was also damaged.
Traffic jams around the stadium, and disaster management teams for GHMC and police do not allow the general public to be close to the scene of the accident.
Traffic throughout the city was in chaos due to strong winds and rain, and almost all major roads were blocked for hours.
\"Floodlights need to be cut off and removed.
\"This will be done tomorrow morning using a gas cutter,\" said a senior official at GHMC . \".
In another incident at 5-year-old Navis razhu\'s chadergat, when he was playing near the aunt\'s home in the ayotiya Nagar Colony, because asbestos and bricks fell from three suppressed houses.
High-rise buildings in the evening.
Things happened because of the strong wind.
Initially he was playing on the road, and one of his relatives asked him to go in while the wind was blowing, he walked into the aunt\'s house and he stood outside when the accident happened.
Navneeth is a class of students.
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