france unveils the world\'s first solar panel road: half-mile stretch could provide enough energy to power entire village\'s street lights

by:SEEKING     2020-06-15
France has opened a path known as the world\'s first solar panel. The 0. 6 miles (1km)
A section of the Normandy town of turufflerau-
Perche has 880 solar panels that convert the energy of the sun into electricity.
Hopefully, the road will eventually provide enough energy to power the street lights in this small village.
2,800 \"Wattway\" Road (9,186 sq ft)
The opening ceremony was attended today by the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, cegorne Royal.
The road is expected to generate 280 megawatt hours a year.
While daily production will fluctuate depending on weather and season, it is expected that production will reach 767 KW hours per day and up to 1,500 KW hours per day in summer.
About 2,000 drivers will use RD5 road per day during atwo-
During the annual test.
During this period, it will be assessed whether the road will be able to generate enough electricity to run the street lights of the village. Tourouvre-au-
Perchef is home to about 3,400 residents.
It is said that the cost of this project is 5 euros (£4. 2m/$5. 1)
Funded by the French government.
It\'s part of four parts.
More solar roads are planned to be introduced this year, and the next one is planned in western Brittany and southern Marseille.
Before the solar road was unveiled, the panels were tested in four parking lots across France.
The building was built by Colas, a part of the vast telecoms group Bouygues, which was built at the state expense.
In theory, France will only need to lay solar panels to achieve energy independence, Colas said.
One drawback of the system is that when solar panels are at a certain angle to the sun, they are usually on a sloping roof and are more effective than when they are flat.
They are also less useful on busy roads as they do not generate electricity if they are in slow shadowsmoving traffic.
Director Jean-waterway
\'We are still in the trial phase, \'Mr. broyal said.
Building a test base of this size is a real opportunity for us to innovate.
To continuously optimize our innovation, this test site enables us to improve our PV panel installation process and its manufacturing.
Not only will the durability of the road be reviewed, but experts will also need to determine whether there is enough sunlight in the northwestern village to generate enough electricity.
The choice of shady Normandy has drawn resentment from critics who point out that a more sunny Road in the south of the country is a better choice for solar technology.
Caen is the political capital of Normandy, with 44 days of sunshine each year, compared with 170 days in the South.
Critics also questioned the cost of the system. Each kilowatt-
The peak produced by Wattway-the unit of measurement of solar energy-currently costs £ 14.
Generate 50 compared to 1.
For large roof-top facilities, developers hope to make the plan competitive by 2020.
Marc Jedliczka of the energy transformation network of sustainable energy group said: \"There is no doubt that this is a technological advancement.
But to develop renewable energy, there are other priorities in addition to a gadget, and we are more sure that it is more expensive than the fact that it works.
French Environment Minister Segolene Royal is a former partner of French President Francois Hollande and the mother of his four children. \"The new use of solar energy uses a lot of road infrastructure to generate electricity without taking up new real estate.
In October, a solar energy
Poland has opened a power cycle.
There are thousands of phosphorus embedded in the track.
Coated crystals that glow after being charged by the sun.
Glowing bike belt-
100 long.
It is located in a park near the town of mazzbark Warminski in northern Poland.
It was created by the technology company TPA Instytut Bada lazznaych Sp. z o. o.
It is still in the testing phase.
Igor Ruttmar, president of TPA, told the Polish publication Gazeta Wyborcza that the materials used for the track can produce more than ten hours of light.
The original electric drive is a street in Brixton, London.
Built in the 1880 s, it was the first market Street for electricity lighting.
It named Eddy Grant\'s hit 1983 single.
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