far-flung towns to get solar street lights

by:SEEKING     2020-06-11
Some 107 solar street lamps will be installed in several towns in Cebu province to give them resilience and resilience
Evidence during the disaster.
In Resolution No.
Provincial council on Monday, 535,2 months.
Authorized government
Hilario Davide III contracts with NCO general merchandise to supply and deliver solar street lights.
These will serve as renewable energy sources for disaster relief and mitigation in \"geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities.
\"NCO General Merchandise was awarded a contract by the tender and award board on 2018 to receive a minimum bid of £ 972,446.
09 compared to the approved budget contract of P3, 496,995. 40.
\"The total amount of the above bids for NCO general merchandise does benefit the province significantly lower than the approved budget for the promised contract,\" said Sun Shicun, a member of the Provincial Board of Directors, the chairman of the committee on public safety, peace and order.
The beneficiaries of the project will be evacuation centres located in Carmen, Madrid de hores, Pilar, Sibona and Santa Fe, each with two sets.
Other beneficiaries are Pajo and 10 sets of relocation sites in Da\'an Bantayan;
Kinatarkan, Santa Fe, 9 years old;
8-year-old Barangays Rizal and Buhingtubig, Pinamungajan.
There are 8 other regions including algao, malabyork, Alcoa and Alcantara;
While Aloguinsan town, Santander and Medellin will be set monthly. (
SCG from VLA Cebu Superbalita)
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