Every day will be sun-day at AMC offices

by:SEEKING     2020-04-26
The municipality plans to install the solar system;
Replace street lights with LED lights.
In the city of AhmadinejadAMC)
Switching to the green side.
In order to reduce electricity consumption, civic groups plan to use alternative energy sources and adopt energy sources
Efficient technology in various offices.
In addition to the main offices of Danapith, Memco Sport Complex, Sardar Patel Stadium and Kotarpur water plant, solar systems will be installed in regional offices in the west and south districts.
The civil agency has already installed a 15-
Kw solar photovoltaic system in the West End office and 20-
Kw system for south district office.
The cost of these two projects is estimated to be Rs48 lakh.
\"Since the solar system can only be installed on the roof, we have to limit ourselves.
Civic institutions will be able to save about Rs 5 per year on electricity charges in two offices, \"said additional Chief Engineer AC Shah (electrical)
In the lighting department of AMC.
While installing solar systems seems more expensive for cost savings, the benefits will become apparent in the long run, Shah said.
The civic group has appointed a consultant and invited the tendering staff to set up a solar system in their central office in Dana pith.
\"We will be making technical and commercial bids for the project soon,\" Shah told reporters . \".
Likewise, Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA)
Also working with AMC on two solar projects.
GEDA will install the solar system at Memco sports center.
He said the work is likely to be completed within three months.
Further, civic groups also plan to halve the bill generated by street lights by replacing sodium lights with low-power LED lights.
With these green initiatives, AMC is looking to save some of its crore in its annual electricity bill, which is about the Rs150 crore.
Shah also said that since the capacity of the rooftop solar power plant is very low, it can run all electrical equipment in addition to air conditioning.
AMC has started experiments on alternating street lights in 59 sections, which helps it save nearly rs1.
Street lamp electricity bill 50 crowns per year.
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