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People\'s views on the transfer of population from urban areas to rural areas are only the tip of the iceberg.
As the pollution of surface water is getting more and more serious, the value of groundwater is getting higher and higher.
At present, about 40% of the water in the United States comes from groundwater.
Rural areas in the United States will increasingly become the target of \"water agriculture.
\"With the increase in population in rural areas and the conversion of farmland to municipal expansion, domestic demand for clean water will threaten the use of agriculture.
Water is only a means of transportation;
In the end, we must realize that agriculture itself is our most threatened economic sector.
Cheap food is a good memory. Larry W.
LinderPlus ca changes. . .
Today is like yesterday and tomorrow.
There will be no end to the world, no global warming, no nuclear disaster.
The dictator, the president, the terrorists come and go.
Every Christmas there is a new fashion of consumption.
Every month, the media pay attention to a new crime fashion.
Technology will be miniature and powerful.
People will realize that they are moving away from the feeling of being a part of the community and will slowly restore old values, like having dinner with TV off and taking care of their children at home.
People will also realize that the main media is just information Entertainment, covering up problems in real life and distorting social views into unreal things.
Kane Morano cruise 1 too empty.
Accessible within 25 years (
Money and Other)trips to orbit. 2.
Within 50 years, four
\"Day space cruise\" to the moon. 3.
Within 100, a \"space cruise\" can be carried out in the solar system \".
Go to Jupiter and Saturn and then in 7-
Space Cruise!
Some people have discovered how to dilute the water.
Hundreds of marine animals were killed in an accident, but Africa and the Middle East were rescued from drought and water scarcity.
Warming will continue to expand, and even if we change fuel, the ocean will rise and the Arctic and Antarctic will become smaller ice caps.
The number of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife will decrease, but it will not become extinct and the number of fish will decrease.
Water will be our biggest challenge and energy will dry up leading to the use of biofuels, wind and solar energy.
Oxygen depletion will be a new and unusual challenge as the Earth\'s deserts expand, but we will plant more trees to cope with this result, yet getting water will be us again
Nom Nelson, Boise, I think the progress of technology will bring about a world, and when we look back at the industrial revolution, it\'s hard for us to believe how primitive we are.
I think pollution will begin to subside, especially in rich countries.
New scientific breakthroughs in energy and water purification must be achieved, otherwise fresh air and water will be scarce.
The digital world will be more closely integrated with the technology world and biotechnology.
Bring us amazing drugs and diseases.
Fighting, artificial creatures
In some ways, the 21 st century will be the most terrible.
We are on the verge of a civilization that can create a world free of disease and famine.
We are also on the verge of turning our ecosystem into an environment that is not viable and a weapon that truly rules the world.
The 21 st century must be a century dedicated to human survival and human progress.
Unfortunately, for many of the problems we face, we have been slow to find a reasonable solution ---
Environmental degradation, overpopulation, clean and sustainable energy, education and poverty.
We keepuse and mis-
The use of the environment is perhaps the most pressing issue.
The urgent need for sustainable energy has been supported very slowly.
We are burning fossil fuels at an unprecedented rate.
Growth rate, environmental damage, consumption of the United Nations
Renewable resources
Governments need to encourage the design and production of systems for truly sustainable energy.
Tony Woodard Mars tour I have a vision for the world under a common goal ---
Manned exploration of Mars
If a world leader can support this cause and people all over the world can achieve their goals under this common cause, then we have the focus and hope, two missing elements in modern life.
Everyone on Earth can play a role in this common goal, and our social ills will be dramatically reversed as hope and vision replace despair.
Chris goldski of New Hartford, through firm determination, demand and will, humanity will find the right solution to make renewable energy safe and affordable for all of us
Hydrogen is the richest molecule in the universe.
Hydrogen Day (solid)
Cartridges will be available in re-available
The gas station was for us to buy when we passed.
These cartridges will allow us to drive hundreds of miles at a time before we need to change.
The invention of cars provides us with transportation, which is the most important factor to promote the world economy.
It will remain, because humans will ask it to express our freedom to explore, whether on our planet, on our neighbor planet, or on other planets.
I believe more people will live directly on the water in the future.
Producing food and livestock requires land and dividing the world to save other creatures.
We spend billions of dollars on war, weapons, only the government knows what else, and we should spend our money on water purification systems that use seawater to pump water to areas that start turning to deserts and tree planting.
We should also reduce population growth by helping women to have children rather than having so many children.
There are many things we can do to save our beautiful world and eliminate the harm we cause. But if we really want to leave a better place for the future, we can\'t continue to be so selfish. Arlene F.
Every country in the world should start a space exploration support industry.
End a trivial row over an imaginary line on the ground.
This is our common planet. -
All of us are involved.
We need a space observatory on the moon and a complete Mars mining colony.
Prepare to conquer the stars instead of trying to conquer each other.
Sam Blackstock of the 21 st century Thai and global peace Association will give us more peace and understanding than ever. Why?
Now the world knows what each of us wants. operate.
Dr. Firozali A Mulla said that in Tanzania, the percentage of people who believe in God will be reduced to one digit in 20 years of global disaster.
The United States will collapse to the international community.
When we discuss the cause, natural disasters increase every year.
Human beings will regard recent technological advances as the right to become gods.
With this new knowledge and power, we will have powerful power like human beings ---
Destroy ourselves and hope that we will do better next time and try to rebuild.
Bryan BratcherWarped I think it is very important that we follow the space vision outlined by President Bush on the moon, Mars and Beyond program!
After that, as I can see, the most important thing will be to develop greater means of advancement in order to be able to explore further in space ---
Other parts of the solar system, eventually stars!
I know that an academic paper has been written on the topic of \"distortion drive\", so perhaps the first step \"baby step\" has been taken along this path \".
George ScaglioneWireless power lines: we have lived with those big poles and their lines, electricity and telephones for more than a century.
In the near future, the number of mobile phones will exceed the number of wired phones, and the demand for mobile phone lines will be reduced.
But power lines remain.
In the future, I see some power transmitted wirelessly.
In the long run, water will be consumed in some cost-effective ways.
This and the mobility of other major services mean that communities can be built wherever people want to go.
The end of \"urban expansion\", pollution, traffic jams and many other problems.
These things, as well as treating major diseases and improving the quality of life for all (
Not just who can afford it)
It will happen because they have.
Whenever there is a major problem for humanity, someone or a group will stand up and save us.
It will happen again.
There are too many people.
We have become so much that we have put a burden on the Earth that it is possible to destroy the Earth, our species, and all life with overcrowding, pollution, disease, and war.
In the beginning, we were a minority, we were balanced, and we were an integral part of the natural world.
Through the invention of medicine, agriculture, countryside and science and technology, we have avoided the laws of nature.
With the expansion of cities, the heavy use of chemicals and fossil fuels, the use of nuclear energy and weapons, the transfer of artificial and genetically modified nutrients (
Not to mention the crazy pace of life, the deadly stress and the possible epidemic)
We are on the verge of destroying ourselves and this lovely world.
I have only seen a proper personal response, which is to live a balanced and intense spiritual life.
Darkness and doom!
I expect that within 8 to 10 years we will have the opportunity to treat leukemia.
Specifically, T. Cell PLL (
Prelymphatic leukemia).
My husband just received a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Cell PLL.
This is an extremely rare disease.
It is said that there are only 20 people in the United StatesS. have it.
As a result of the successful treatment of the disease, additional research has developed child immunization against breast cancer.
Isn\'t that good?
My husband is currently in hospital at the University of Michigan cancer hospital.
We continue to pray for success.
Bob and Lynn Hause, Gobles, MIWater levy, I want every penny of Water paid by individuals and companies, and half of every bottle of water purchased for public creation
The water you have can provide clean drinking water to everyone in the world. -
Especially in developing countries in the South.
Catherine dochetti and Steve Mark Tucson, the most predicted species in Ariza navusen, will be extinct as we know it.
The investigation of the solar system will provide chemical analysis of suitable areas containing frozen water, which will become a bed for future human evolution.
A \"seed pod\" will be developed and implanted in a biotechnology soup.
It will launch heavily into frozen areas inside and outside the solar system.
Seed pods will sleep until the ice melts when the Nano
The robot will be released.
Robots will begin to weave DNA chains until new entities containing human DNA strains are formed.
From then on, nature and evolution will take its course.
The motto here is to protect our way of life, not necessarily our way of life.
Rick HebertSpace medicine I currently put patients with chronic or even acute pain syndrome in the water to simulate half
Weightless environment.
Patients are able to exercise more effectively and respond better to treatment, as they will feel comfortable in situations where gravity has less impact.
I can see an era in which patients will be treated for weightlessness in space, re-adapting and gradually returning to Earth gravity.
I just wish I could see it!
Todd Kelon pollution solution?
I have a vision for the 21 st century that will help to eliminate some of the pollution in the world.
In a scientific journal called Discovery, a few years ago an article discussed a power plant machine called a poly-solving device.
This machine can break down all kinds of waste from carbon.
Based on pure water, oil and nutrients remaining.
If we use this technology to clean up the pollution in the world, it will bring great changes!
Jacqueline Manos predicts. . .
Rising sea level leads to the collapse of the value of coastline property;
Street protests forced emergency legislation to extend unemployment benefits for former factory workers;
All new cars and trucks that California requires to sell in the state are low/zero emission vehicles;
Chinese technocrats staged a silent coup with military support
South America follows the EU in common currency.
In the 21 st century, Dublin\'s bill Manzke will be the beginning of a new era when humanity begins to expand and colonize the universe.
The reason for this evolution is necessary.
This may be due to the need for new natural resources, such as the threat of a comet or asteroid to human survival.
The first game will be to find out how to get into space cheaply from our planet.
Once it\'s done, we\'ll see something bigger happen. -
Space tourism, colonization of the moon and Mars, mining resources from planets, satellites, and asteroids.
Scientists will map activity in a person\'s brain (Subject A)
Use every feeling of precisely controlled stimulation.
They will perform the same mapping process for another person using the same stimulus (Subject B).
You can then create another map that connects how their brain activity map is different or consistent with each stimulus.
Using highly complex sensors, his or her brain activity is recorded when subject A has some experience (
It\'s better to have a good experience).
Recording playback and transmission to subject B using a powerful selective magnetic generator, which powers the appropriate parts of the subject B brain, determined by the previously created correlation diagram.
Imagine being able to send an electronic Valentine\'s Day gift to a loved one and complete a real kiss.
Neil Donovan, Salem, United States of AmericaS.
I bet the top ten predictions for the 21 st century are: 1)
Man/woman walking on Mars(
There will be major discoveries on Mars. . .
Water/Life/or fossil)2)
Solar and hybrid technologies are extensive and almost free. 3)
African countries will begin to form strategic alliances, which will break out economically.
As is currently happening in India and Southeast Asia, with the emergence of cheap labor and almost free energy (
The African desert is a prime location for solar power).
It will certainly attract a lot of foreign investment.
Studies of genes and stem cells collide to cure almost all genetic diseases.
By 2099, human life expectancy will exceed 100. 5)
Establish a world intelligence/law enforcement organization focusing primarily on the elimination of international terrorist groups.
It\'s like Interpol in steriods and very little red tape.
Their capacity will expand with each terrorist attack.
There will be fewer attacks and less intensity. 6)
Personal identification will be implanted in the form of a chip and/or instantaneous DNA identification methods will be developed. 7)
Fine-tuning of wireless robots and artificial intelligence (
Especially on the military side.
Unmanned turret/fighter).
Families will start buying small robots for things like automatic lawn trimming, sweeping snow, vacuum floors, cleaning windows and even gardens! 8)
The satellite radio will get rid of the monthly charge model and become a new high-tech version of the 50th-century transistor radio.
They will rely on advertising revenue. 9)
Education reform has begun, but productivity has soared in a few years.
The second revival of thought and invention will take place. 10)
Extinct animals like the Dodo will be successfully cloned and exhibited at a special Zoo similar to Jurassic Park. Q.
Are some of these ideas cooked? A. Yes. Q.
Do they have the potential to actually happen? A. Yes.
Everything is possible.
It\'s time for Andrew to shake the boat, good luck, you say I\'m crazy, but my view of our world is this: the acquisition of wealth and power is no longer the main driving force of the world economy.
As a nation, we should strive to improve our whole and benefit all mankind.
War, disease, poverty, if we just stress more about the greater good, not ourselves, all these pains are easy to disappear.
We have gone from a society that is almost proud of working for a living and doesn\'t mind reaching out to help, in which many people are attracted to TV every night, frantically watching the results of a trial by a former pop star.
The bottom line is: greed, wealth, social status, power;
These things are going to cost money, which puts great pressure on people in this world.
There is no price for the true realization of kindness, generosity and brotherly love.
I realize it all sounds unrealistic.
But if we are to truly protect humanity, we must begin to change things, which are more important than what we have been doing.
Subtle changes mean good, but unfortunately it takes a long way.
It\'s time to be unconventional now, it\'s time to be unorthodox, it\'s time to rock! ! !
That\'s my vision, at least. David N. Howse, U. S.
First of all, I cannot argue with the wisdom of those visionaries who suggest what we will experience in the future.
However, I think these attractive possibilities will only come when more hugs and profound events and trends allow them to unfold.
The theme is focused on science, technology and lifestyle.
In fact, these two areas of change are the most promising and exciting.
They are just \"icing on the cake \". Civilization (
We should revisit the word)
Before economic poverty, lack of education, hatred and aggression and threats posed by potential epidemics are arrested, the exciting future posed by visionaries is at best uncertain.
Just as history can trace the rise and fall of great civilizations, it is also possible to develop a similar scenario for the entire Earth.
Until our global leadership is more than self-centered politicians, dictators, and extremists, the situation has an astonishing legitimacy. James S.
One of the biggest challenges of the 21 st century is population management, which has a profound impact on our concept of private property, ethics and infrastructure.
Economically, there are things that are inevitable: we are going to run out of some resources that we think are endless until today: land, water, and oil.
By the end of this century, we may be able to put gas on the list.
I predict the demise of commuter vehicles today.
This is not only a fuel economy issue, but also a question of whether we have more land to give 8-lane freeways.
So I believe it will be a century in which Americans are finally starting to think about what it means to be a civilized country, not only private property rights, but also the rights of others, and how to incorporate these rights into creating communities where people care about life and work.
This is the century of renewable technology.
At the same time, we cannot avoid very difficult, perhaps painful reconciliation between our private property ideals and emerging values of cooperation and community spirit.
Jay Abel, Honolulu, Hawaii
I think all these things are
What people who are called \"visionaries\" come up with is very, very dangerous.
The person who thinks of the movie Terminator may be the one who has a real vision.
Computers are machines. they should keep them in this state.
If these visionary people are so smart, they can certainly see the future far enough to know to the computer (machines)
Consciousness is by far the most ridiculous and foolish idea.
This is a problem in today\'s society. not enough people regard the Earth and its natural ecosystem as the most important thing.
In addition, addressing poverty and living as a whole on a global scale should be the most important \"vision\" at present, while stopping pollution.
After all, this is our only Earth!
Dave Lamoureux, with the invention of dazzling new technologies, some things in Canada will not change and we will integrate them into our lives, however, the basic landscape of who we are will always lead us back to our roots, no matter what we try to invent or change, there is always room for improvement in what we cherish and hope to see it continue.
We will continue to build buildings, one next to the next, and we will squeeze them into the city no matter how elegant (
Or not so ergonomic ,)
The goals of architects will not change, higher than ever before.
We will still have two people who love each other, get married and pass on their traditions to the families of future generations.
We will still eat the same food and enjoy them equally;
Grilled apple pie and beans, fries and burgers
Sauerkraut cheese sandwich and hot dog.
It doesn\'t matter how they might become genetically modified or enhanced;
We will still like it.
People will still go far away, swim in the ocean, dine on the slopes of the Alps, and taste the best food for thousands of years --
Enjoy ancient European cuisine, or visit the Great Wall of China and marvel at the ancient craftsmanship.
We will still have our favorite actors and listen to our favorite songs and even if it is 5,000 kHz with 15,000 MB of memory we will still buy PCs, play the latest game not yet available on PlayStation 299 or Xbox 514.
We will still watch the 27 th on the steps of the Capitol (and counting)
The president of the United States took office.
We will build more advanced space ships, but we still want them to go further and further.
We can even cure cancer, but we still go to the hospital when we are sick.
No matter how many megabytes
How far is the zoom of the pixel or x3, a picture is still worth thousands of words.
When everything is over and we wait for the dawn of the next century, we will still recall and think, \"What will the 22nd century look like?
\"Who will control the situation ? \"
There is only one unanswered question about the future of mankind.
Will conscious computers receive spiritual enlightenment before it is too late for humans?
Expectations for the futureI. (
Artificial Intelligence)
Machines like we know about their existence as well as other animals are almost inevitable.
By the end of this century, no living person will have a certain understanding of the way the internet works or the intentions of all or anyone. I. s.
Compared to our machines, we will be downgraded to follow the commands of machines with unlimited ideas.
Advances in computer technology will lead to developments in the following areas: energy: the use of high-temperature fission reactors developed to produce cheap hydrogen may fill this gap until fusion reaction technology replaces it.
The prospect of fusion reaction is-
Unlimited safety Power to recycle waste from our dump and eliminate carbon dioxide that generates fuel.
Automation: intelligent and mechanical automation will replace most people in existing jobs.
This has a serious impact.
Many people will suffer unnecessary suffering if they accidentally transition to socialism.
Even if the road is dangerous, the result will be beautiful.
I like to imagine what the future looks like, a more powerful family cell that lives together by generations.
The main interest will be to continue education in formal education for life.
When people are in their 20 s, they get married and have children and then go back to school.
Most of the education is done at home, but people will also come together because it is desirable to socialize.
Everyone will be more active in government.
Everyone will serve in government in a certain capacity all their lives.
The importance of human life will be recognized and recognized.
This will create a goal for civilization to strive to improve the life experience for all. Roy E.
In the next 20 years, virtual reality will bring unimaginable technology.
We will be able to download people\'s personalities and memories to computers, which will enable them to live in virtual reality.
The Japanese are now seriously studying this issue.
Since the knowledge explosion began in 1948, knowledge has continued to grow exponentially.
In the early 1900 s, it was thought that all knowledge had been discovered.
Michael McRae, 2100 kilometers before the Toronto, Canadian track, will complete a new space adventure, with hotels and factories on the track generating a lot of revenue for those smart enough to invest in
When large pharmaceutical companies find how much cheaper it is to produce drugs in free fall, and the possibility of creating new drugs that cannot be assembled on Earth, business on track will really start to flourish.
I think many visionary people on the visual site are very far --fetched.
Isn\'t it imagined that around 2000 we would be driving a flying vehicle like we were in Jetson?
\"I can\'t see anything in 2005.
How about the theory that robots take over our lives?
I don\'t think this will happen either.
I believe that things will be the same in the next 10 or 20 years, and maybe there will be more developments in technology ---
But nothing revolutionary.
Human cloning will be the biggest scientific discovery ever.
In the next two or three years, scientists will be able to clone humans directly from stem cells into a fully mature adult in a few hours ---
Even a few minutes.
The human host does not need, but only a machine for hatching and growing stem cells.
Human beings will no longer need to experience the growing pains of childhood and adolescence.
In addition, this scientific breakthrough will certainly do great harm to the religious belief that human beings are created by God.
Sylvie Elliott of Montreal, Mars of Canada, and beyond the 21 st century, will be an era of human wonder and great tragedy.
There will be ways to treat many diseases.
The great advances in space exploration will allow us to build a base on Mars and discover other planets like ours.
Contact with additional terrestrials will occur.
Advances in technology will lead to the world\'s first computer with conscience.
The new century will also bring unimaginable tragedy.
A massive earthquake on a global scale will lead to death.
The greenhouse effect will raise the temperature of the Earth, causing the Polar crown to melt and the ocean to rise.
This will flood coastal cities around the world. With the ever-
With the increase in terrorism, terrorists will either release a deadly creature.
Agents have killed thousands of people or they will eventually have a \"dirty bomb\" and take the world hostage.
Global warming will surpass the threat of nuclear weapons and become the biggest concern in the 21 st century.
At the end of this century, electricity will become our main energy source, which will be produced with little waste and no fossil fuel.
Violence around the world will be greatly reduced, and there will be more wealth.
Population growth will be controlled.
All of this was achieved without major trauma and crisis.
Fernando torente, Madrid, by the end of the 21 st century, we will place a Hubble telescope
Like the outer space telescope of our solar system.
This device will use the gravity lens to amplify the light, energy, space signals that enter our solar system, and amplify the signals that can be sent to other solar systems.
This phenomenon and its existence are increasingly happening around other systems, and 550 AU can be found from our Sun (
51,150,000,000 miles! ).
How will such a telescope get there, whether through an efficient nuclear rocket, unmanned \"Bussard Ram-
Wait, I can\'t imagine.
At this distance, it takes two and a half weeks for the signal to travel at the speed of light to get back to us!
However, the return of NASA, SETI and other space agencies that observe a clearer and wider universe will be \"astronomical figures \".
\"My vision is that nearly 100 of the world\'s electricity will be generated by clean, safe, nuclear fusion, minus the electricity generated by hydropower.
In addition to this energy, we can also produce hydrogen cheaply, refuel cars, and replace propane and natural gas as heating supplies for houses.
As far as outer space is concerned, I don\'t think we are ready to spend billions of dollars on space that could be better spent on developing the energy mentioned above.
Space exploration will come in time, but we need to solve it first.
Terry Bittner medical collaboration 21 century will be very different from today, because medicine will drive the development of DNA technology to the point where we can \"re-
Our heart tissue.
We will know exactly how to block growth within cancer by programming a viral vector designed to only destroy this type of cancer cell.
When there is a medical problem with the tissue or organ, our normal tissue will rejuvenate with our own stem cells.
Organ transplants have become the past, and our own DNA will be cut and designed to live longer and healthier than ever before.
Pain can only be a weak memory.
Between Mike FranchellEverything
Networked houses will have large computer systems with permanent high reliability.
High-speed Internet connection with touch screen terminals in individual rooms.
There is also a wireless portable terminal, which is a bit like a laptop with a touch screen.
Fingerprint and voice will replace the key-
Identification System.
The mobile phone will be replaced by the system in the computer terminal, so that any room with the terminal can answer the phone and video phone.
When you are in the room, the detected sensor activates the light in the room.
Shower with Button
Start to control temperature and flow-
Pressure, and there will be presets available.
There will be a flat screen TV above the kitchen sink so that you can get entertainment while washing --up.
Computers will continue to be integrated into home entertainment. -
TV, radio, CD, DVD, pay TV, games, internet, etc.
Books will be available in digital format, so you can read them on a portable terminal laptop.
The computer will handle wake-up alerts, play soothing music or heavy metal while opening the curtains to let the morning sun in.
The front doorbell and door ring will be replaced by the call button and video display so that you can see who is at the door without getting up to answer or admitting to being at home.
Great for Mormons!
The validity period of the food will be slightly broken, so your refrigerator or digital product
The pantry can inform you when something is out of date.
When supercomputers can download rich and gifted \"brains\", The Australian brain James masgrave, the average person will be able to get an implant connected to the computer.
These implants will remind people to schedule, retrieve phone numbers, directions, and \"tell\" user information.
As an option, the data will be transferred to contact lenses that are specifically calibrated as Project pictures, including downloadable movies, books, newspapers, and TV shows. Rev.
Alex Howard, Pueblo, the color of thin air?
I once said to myself, \"I wonder if we will pay for the water one day?
\"Now, I would like to know if we will pay for the ticket soon.
I think we will walk around with our names one day. brand \"oxy-generators.
\"It could be some form of mask/handkerchief that can filter pollution or carbon dioxide and turn them into air.
Frank Langga\'s future buildings will be greatly developed in dealing with the earthquake and land transfer.
The building will be mainly a pyramid. shaped (
For example, the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids that have been standing for centuries)
To prevent high and narrow skyscrapers from swaying and collapsing during a magnitude 10 or larger earthquake.
The highway will double.
To reduce congestion.
The floating track lights in the air will line up for air traffic.
The international currency and economy will be consolidated and unified into standardized, non-standardized currencies and economies.
A corrupt democratic government with equal civil law and responsibility.
New eco-acoustic energy such as solar energy and fuel cells will be commercialized (hydrogen)vegetable-based (
Potatoes, corn, marijuana, for example)
Gasoline, plastic and electricity.
The recycling plan will also be extended to a new level.
Our passion for sports, adventure and leisure will remain the same, but the nature of what we do will change due to advanced equipment.
We get adrenaline from the jet.
Surf and ride waves on 100 or more feet.
The future is beautiful!
The next great revolution in science and society will be the \"security Revolution \".
We have seen its initial stage: a mobile phone that can be transmitted to the police (in seconds)
Images of criminals captured by passers-by.
This will be replaced by cameras on our clothes, cars and homes in a few years to identify and capture criminals.
At the same time, the ID card with our genetic production information
Uploading and carrying our photos, fingerprints, etc will be an important trading tool.
Don\'t leave home without it!
David C of Christchurch, New Zealand, takes Sweden as an example in two generations, and all major environmental problems will be solved.
With understanding that environmental work goes hand in hand, the economy will continue to growin-
Economic growth and social development.
When the world is confused about how to reduce carbon dioxide, waste, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity ---
With the economy still strong, one country has succeeded: Sweden.
I see a country where hydrogen is delivered to the home (
Like propane today)
Stored in the \"fuel tank\" of the House\'s fuel cell.
There will also be hoses on the tank that can be filled with car tanks that are also running on hydrogen.
Our rapidly evolving technology will one day address the three needs of survival, namely, food, shelter and clothing.
Other issues will become most relevant, namely the need for morality and ethics that may arise from this new life. Salvatore F.
The growing world population will lead to more intense regulation and the use of police power to provide control services and maintain order.
As interests and affected groups fight each other over increasingly scarce resources and influence, local and regional conflicts will become more frequent.
The social class structure will form a dominant position among the participants in these regional/local disputes, and itself will be limited by local and regional incentives such as religion, tribes, resources under control, etc.
The phenomenon of private armed groups and private power groups will increase and complement or confront traditional government power holders.
Living standards for individuals and families without social resources will continue to decline and life expectancy will be shortened.
The power of competitive groups will increasingly be formed and implemented by force, which will use all available means to ensure their goals, even at the risk of self-destructiondestruction.
In addition to the most serious conflicts, the government will lack resources to address other minor issues that are ignored or addressed with minimal assets.
The power tools that are continuously used and the resources that improve living standards will decline unless the holders of power and resources use them for their own benefit.
Robert SchermerThe natural way, I imagine that there will be a common family in the near future
Power generation device driven by natural gas.
These devices generate heat and electricity when using a fuel.
Gas will also be compressed to refuel cars at home.
In the end, all these ugly poles will disappear from society.
Wired and telephone services are provided wirelessly.
Brian McCueHorizon regular aircraft will only be used for long flights
Distance Travel (
Supersonic Transport will be resumed, mainly for sea routes).
When traveling in China, people use dtv (
Directional Thrust vehicle capable of vertical traction
Takeoff and Landing)
Eliminate the need for spaceGo to the airport.
The computer system will use \"Eyecons \"(
Optical Navigation). \"SPAN\" (
Solar cell array network)
The project will be built in Australia, Southwestern United States, Gobi and the Sahara desert.
The breakthrough in atomic energy will fission (
Division of atoms)and fusion (
Merging of atoms)
In the almost permanent chain of oscillating binary reactions (with by-
Product as fuel opposite reaction).
Lei Android Japan beyond the ultimate vision of 2000 by the end of the 21 st century will become the War of the world is a thing of the past, the border is not important, greed is considered irrelevant and unnecessary, everyone has enough food and humanity is working towards the common goal of seeking knowledge, improving life on Earth and exploring and solving other worlds in the galaxy.
The reconstruction of the world environment will provide impetus to the world economy at the end of the 21 st century.
Earth environment (
Reduce rain forests to critical levels, air pollution, water pollution, marine life, etc)
It will have a direct economic and environmental impact on developed countries.
Because of this, \"environmental companies\" will be created in order to \"reforest\" Forests and deal with pollution management \".
Unfortunately, it will be too late for many less developed countries that rely heavily on natural resources to survive.
William Ocampo\'s hard work over the next 20 years, as China quickly becomes the world\'s economic superpower, our standard of living will fall sharply.
We will face major political turmoil. -
For all intents and purposes-
The level of civil liberties will only be a little better than Russia and China.
We will not solve the energy dilemma \"in time\" to avoid huge social problems.
Economic difficulties.
Our children and grandchildren will work harder and live longer than the workers of the current generation, in the case of inflation --
On an adjusted basis, per capita income will be half of what it is today.
Global warming will continue unabated. -
There will be many pros and cons from this.
The biggest threat will not be the loss of major waterfront properties. -
Global temperature and precipitation patterns will inevitably change.
The main and richest agricultural areas today will not be in the same place.
If you go out and say 50 years later-
If \"oil\" does not lead to war-
Food and water are needed.
Steve G. , Chicago, Illinois, 2025. . .
We will go riding because all the oil is gone.
Due to the extremely high cost of generating the necessary fuel, the Mars tour was canceled.
All those involved in this mission are now found on the local bread production line.
With fewer and fewer logging workers, trees are making a comeback-
Fuel cost ($300 per gallon)
99 logging workers have been forced out of business.
A scientist has found that there is only one possible planet in the universe, that is, the Earth.
Another \"landing\" took place in the Middle East, devouring a major city caused by underground holes where oil used to be.
Another scientist blamed all this on our lack of interest in the environment in early 2000. S.
The government that believes it is more important to have the only weapon on Earth.
The only highlight of the news on this day of 2025 is that since all vehicles have stopped running, the air has become breathable again.
In the future, the adjustment of the body will go to the logical extreme.
People will be genetically
Design their bodies to take on a variety of forms.
Some people choose something simple, such as a god of fire.
Others will change the color of their skin, hair and eyes to all the shades of the rainbow.
Others will still have cable.
Internet connection--
Always open, always insert.
We don\'t need to discover alien life, because we will be all the alien life forms we can imagine.
Not far away, our world is full of people who understand the complexity of computers and software ---
The next step is to get people interested in understanding cells, like small machines programmed with DNA/RNA and chemical signals.
Once people connect cells to computers, they become complex systems that can be reprogrammed and customized.
Building and modifying with newly developed biotechnology, nanotechnology, stem cell tools, we will be able to get rid of the religious dogma that limits the potential in this area.
Information on biotechnology is rapidly doubling. -
Three months, sometimes--
Thanks to the new creatures.
Information Technology.
By contrast, 18 months is fast. -
The speed of doubling the number of transistors per chip, you can see that biotechnology and applications such as deceleration/stop/reverse and aging processes are about to explode.
After all, there\'s nothing more important than that except health, and if you live to be 1000 or 5000 when you\'re young, I don\'t understand why it\'s more intermediate --
The old millionaire did not invest in the Methuselah Mouse Award.
Gary Salte, Canada is enough, and I understand the fear many have of death, or the fear many have of no longer living.
What I don\'t understand is the desire to live forever.
I respect science and technology very much. -
It makes our lives easier, but it also changes our species.
Now, today, it can be said that human \"animals\" have two paths of evolution: the path of nature, and some of our species have lost their wisdom teeth;
There is also artificial evolution in which it is possible to survive the most terrible accidents, improve vision, correct teeth, expand breasts, and rebuild the body, even survived the most deadly disease.
Thanks to science and technology, we have too many people on Earth, more than it can sustain us, and I really believe that we have received very little welcome on this planet.
We went too far.
What happens when science makes life possible for 200, 300, or 1000 seconds?
At the beginning, there were only very wealthy people. However, it will gradually penetrate into the lower class. maybe the future predicted by movies like Soylent Green will not be too far away.
Great advances in genetic engineering will help cure genetic diseases.
Since genetic manipulation will make the baby more resistant to the disease, fewer vaccines are needed.
Although it will not be 100 efficient, the Super Conductivity will eventually have an impact.
A zero emission vehicle with only one tiny power supply will become viable. Advanced (
Army and government)
Institutions will use super-based-
Release them from external power supplies.
A large number of planets will be found, and quite a few of them have favorable living conditions.
But finding smart life will prove frustrating.
When intelligent life is discovered, it will not have a huge impact, but will generate more curiosity and it is possible to commercialize information.
As large groups protest against the use of RFID tags, they will begin to be visible everywhere.
Australia\'s Rajiv Fernando, Sri lacassol arrays will be equipped with solar arrays in large areas of the desert that are not suitable for living.
Submarine cables will allow energy exports to nearby booming Asian economies.
Carbon credit and eco-tourism will be the backbone of Australia\'s economy.
Richard Branson\'s empire will extend to a range of rail entertainment facilities.
All Internet transactions will generate a global tax paid to the country of origin.
Spam will be classified as a terrorist activity.
India is probably the first country to develop a quantum processor. -
This will lead to unprecedented levels of cooperation between intelligence agencies and a massive surge in crime
Force effectiveness.
Personal networks will replace laptops.
The combination of metropolitan area networks, LEO satellites and WiFi-enabled PDA/GSM/GPS with remote data and profile storage enables ubiquitous access.
The power requirements of the photon processor are very low.
Hydrogen fuel cells can be used for one year.
In the next 10 to 20 years, we will see another major leap in robotics, especially in the home sector.
Control the computer \"accurately\" by speech recognition.
Advances in nanotechnology will provide faster computer and medical enhancements for families.
James Wise of buckcreek, Indiana, melted in 10 years, most of the Earth\'s glaciers will melt, and most of the northern ice fields will melt.
Twenty years later, the continued ecological and accompanying economic catastrophe will make the United States a third-world country with a totalitarian government.
Oil prices will rise unstoppable over the next few years.
As oil is essential for transportation, manufacturing, power generation and agriculture, it will cause shock waves to the economy.
Economic growth will stop and may even shrink.
All industries will lose their jobs and at the same time, prices will rise in all industries, the stock market will be affected and investment will become worthless.
The value of the dollar will also plummet.
All in all, this is not a pleasant future.
At home, a central computer will handle everything from entertainment to utilities in a modern home.
A cable will provide power and Internet connection.
Television, telephone and Internet browsing will all be done on the same instant connection as the central home computer.
Your thermostat and home safety monitor will be replaced by one touch
The screen interface, your computer will allow you to regulate climate control, lighting equipment throughout the house, and monitor power and water.
As internet connections become faster and more reliable, it is only a matter of time before traditional telecom becomes obsolete.
I want to see a world where we no longer rely on oil to produce energy.
There are already many other \"clean\" sources.
With oil prices rising so much, the incentive to use these other sources will soon be even greater.
We need to improve solar technology.
I would like to see a community of 100 or 200 households and businesses that rely almost entirely on solar and/or other clean energy.
This can serve as a model for future community planning.
More aerodynamics is needed for future trains, cars and trucks.
With proper aerodynamics improvements, the road mileage of light trucks can be increased by 30.
With better aerodynamics and reduced weight, the car can be improved up to 20.
The change in the power requirements of the final transmission system is possible, and the inherent weight is saved more.
As styling replaces sensible engineering, this area of vehicle engineering is mostly overlooked.
John Gilkison, Las Cruces, facial features of New Mexico I looked at your last two visionaries and wondered if a large and thick white side corner was needed?
David pock\'s dire prospects, because of our unbreakable connection to fossil fuels, and the lack of reality and adequate funding for the renewable energy economy, society and culture, will slowly collapseThe result? Chaos.
What one author says is \"a long-term emergency\" will be the ultimate crisis on our planet.
Our farmland is on the road to the Mike tower.
Trucks can be delivered anywhere.
In this area alone, a hypothetical fuel crisis can cause serious damage and shock waves to our economy.
Life in the 21 st century?
I think it\'s terrible, as a father of a 12-year-oldand five-year-
Old, I worry about them because there is not much technology to save what we have not learned from it.
Jeff Greenhart, New York\'s gravity, everything we do seems to involve gravity in some way, shape, or form.
If it\'s not propulsion, it\'s something else.
All great scientists have studied it and developed theories about it.
But I think the next step is to be able to generate gravity.
Only in this way can we develop
Then the gravity can be pushed more easily \"the vessel.
Q: Is space over?
If it\'s really over, what\'s on the other side?
After 100, people will travel by air instead of gas.
Electric vehicles, which will regularly travel between colonies on Earth and the moon, as well as orbit space stations.
It may sound far away.
Before 100, no one imagined what we had now. Travis M.
The life of Whitehead?
Nanotechnology will be the subject of life extension and ethical practice considerations.
The religious and scientific community will debate the definition of the boundaries of artificial and natural life.
Society will be seriously deadlocked in what is considered to be a success and a major problem.
New energy sources can meet all the needs of the world, but still provide the most basic necessities for those who need it most.
The unified theory will be revealed and light travel will be investigated.
SETI will recognize the ordered signals, at least in the form of intelligent life in some way.
The government will continue to cover up the matter. Ronald W.
The 21 st century will make the horror of the 20 th century look like a garden picnic.
Human beings have far exceeded the reasonable expectations of the Earth.
Since we refuse to control our population, it will naturally be unpleasant to do it for us.
For the next 15 to 20 years, Justin SkywatcherDriving is driving the vehicle, and things are basically the same.
By 2025, PCs will be out of date.
Most people have networks.
Console enabled.
A 6 feet flat-screen TV costs less than $500.
Glasses will be the past by 2050.
All cars will be electric, but large cars, like freight trucks, are still fuel. powered.
Thomas grelow of Mississippi will soon develop a new form of energy production.
It will be a small battery that lasts more than 10 years.
These energy batteries are very cheap to make and do not produce any by-products
Products or contaminants
Cars no longer need gasoline, planes no longer need refueling, houses no longer need electricity, no longer need heating, and gasoline is no longer needed in industries and factories.
People and their devices will change from essentially to self.
Enough, there will be little demand for centralized power generationexistent.
My vision is to provide clean drinking water for everyone and to build an efficient water management system.
Of course, the flight cars and flight procedures are in place to eliminate ground interference.
The bondage movement of people.
DayanandReprieve who fought for the planet
The government should encourage the sale of hybrid vehicles by reducing road taxes and vehicle registration costs.
Bangalore, India, there will be no runway in the wireless world--
The plane will take off
Vertical closure, based on suborbital and orbital flight.
There will be no use of telephones or wires, clean personal home generators and remote cellular systems.
Cars will travel almost silently, becoming pollution
Free, completely safe and almost indestructible.
Invasive surgery and venous puncture will be considered barbaric and primitive and will be replaced by optical and interventional radiation devices.
Holographic video entertainment.
Truth wins.
Cheating will be more and more difficult.
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