dimmable portable led floodlight.

by:SEEKING     2019-10-25
I would like a light portable led floodlight with dimmer.
This is how I do this mini project.
I used an old solar light case and was ready to make my floodlight.
Each array of 3528 smd LEDs is wired in parallel.
There is no resistance here.
Here\'s how I connect these LEDs: led strips with current limiting resistors and arrays use 4 times more power than led driven by constant current!
Think about the fact.
The resistor wastes valuable power.
If you check on Amazon.
For the car, the com of the 12/24 v rated led is driven by constant current.
They actually have a supply voltage span of 9v to 30 v.
Look for these ratings for a truly energy efficient LED light!
I have a micro ice hockey drive for each led.
Each battery is connected in a step-down mode to allow power to be supplied from a truly 7 lithium 9v battery. 2v.
This allows for a very efficient design and maximum battery life.
Keep in mind that the led is a constant current device.
Once driven in this way, the whole lighting system will be very efficient.
Stay away from cheap strips and arrays that have those stupid smd resistors.
The second picture shows an example of a popular led strip with smd resistor.
I curse the manufacturers of these low cost and inefficient led lighting systems.
They should all be hanged.
I weld the LEDs to the driver and prepare for the preliminary test.
I used a pwm controller to dim the LEDs.
The controller is located between the battery and the led driver.
The following is all that is connected to ensure that the pwm dimmer works properly.
Change the potentiometer of the pwm output I installed in the chassis by the holes I drilled.
I made a hole in the cast iron shell and slipped on the power switch.
This is connected to the 9v battery clamp and the pwm controller.
Even if the pwm is in the lowest output state, there is a 4 Ma parasitic drain, so a switch is required.
These pwm controllers are very easy to wire.
The DC power supply input and pwm output have 2 terminals each.
I glued the battery and the pwm controller to the cast iron case.
I stick the LEDs to the front of the glass with tape, and then use a transparent silicone adhesive to keep the LEDs permanently on the glass.
Below is the completed portable led floodlight!
At full output I get about 300 lumens with 2 battery life. 5 hours.
Lightweight, convenient and durable!
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