deoghar-basukinath solar street light project inaugurated

by:SEEKING     2020-04-09
New Delhi: Indian President Pranab Mukherjee opened the 44-kilometer-long De Ogar Highway. -
Basujina Solar Street Lamp Project.
The President said at the meeting that the problem of job creation is unsolvable unless people are taught skills to improve their employability.
India has a huge labor force and skills development, which can help the economic development of this vast country.
The president said he believed in initiatives like Diohal. -
Basujina Solar Street Lamp Project;
India Software Technology Park Center;
Employees National Insurance Company Hospital and Driver Training Center will change the employment pattern in the region.
The President said that Jackhand played a key role in India\'s struggle for freedom.
The sufferings and sacrifices of Siddomu, Kanio Mou, Til Kamangi and Bill Samuda will always be remembered.
Since the founding of the People\'s Republic in 2000, the country has made progress in many aspects.
Mineral resources, forests, industrial infrastructure and other resources are rich.
To lay the foundation for everything
All-round development.
The President said he was from Bangladesh.
In fact, Jakhand, Bihar, undivided Bangladesh, Orissa and Assam were part of the President of Bangladesh for a long time in the early part of the last century.
The region has a common history and heritage, and its formation in the post-independence era is similar.
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