Demonstrates city\'s pioneering electric street light scheme

by:SEEKING     2020-04-12
There was darkness at first, and then God said, \"Let There Be Light \".On the evening of February 1, 1896, it was in Launceston.Half an hour after the sun disappeared after the horizon, the first street light in the southern hemisphere opened, bringing light to the night streets of Launceston.
In the 1800 s, Launceston was a city of progress, and new innovations and ideas were quickly introduced.It is in this climate that many upright Launceston citizens have established Launceston electric and power companies.xa0Develop a hydropower station on the South Esk River to provide enough power to the streets of Launceston.
Butxa0Launceston City Councilxa0Instead of accepting the idea of private companies taking on the project, it gained the water rights needed to start with Parliament.The Launceston electric bill, which came into effect on December 20, 1887, gave the council three years to start water and electricity work.Electrical scheme.But when the debate about the ideal location of the generator is fierce, this schedulexa0Extended to 10 years.
1890xa0After a suggestionxa0Construction of hydraulic power plantxa0The first basin, now incredible, is that the ducks arrive at the location chosen as the ideal.The estimated cost of the project is equivalent to $15 million today and the work can be started.The report said, \"residents who are engaged in sedentary occupation in Launceston and therefore need a little health exercise cannot avoid it than going out for a walk, and check the works currently in progress related to the urban plan for lighting electricity \".
On 1895, the Launceston light plan was nearing completion.xa0It was tried in December 10, 1895.The first lightxa0Illuminate the streets of Launceston from eight o\'clock P.M. to ten o\'clock P.M.Report the next dayFinally, after a long, sometimes controversial journeyxa0The power lighting plan for Launceston and the arrival of ducks to the power station have been completed, and the power generation machinery has been launched in February 1, 1896.
Street lights light from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise.With the launch of the first electric street light in the southern hemisphere in Launceston, the electric heat swept through the town.Business owners and homeowners seize the opportunityxa0Take advantage of the newly generated electricity.
This development illuminates the road in Launceston today
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