councillor wants city to develop solar power

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Russ Wyatt hopes the City Hall will get into the solar business.
Wyatt filed a motion at a council meeting on Wednesday to call on the council to set up a civic body to develop the production of solar energy and other alternative energy sources that can be sold to Manitoba Hydro.
\"In terms of clean energy production and electricity, there will be tremendous changes in the future,\" said Wyatt . \".
\"This is an opportunity for the city, and we should seize it.
\"Wyatt proposed the establishment of an agency he called the Winnipeg green energy organization. k. a. WPG-
GEO, thanks to the LED conversion of overhead street lights, used an annual savings of $200,000 in the city\'s electricity bill.
Wyatt\'s plan is likely to be difficult to get enough support among his committee colleagues.
The proposal is automatically submitted to the Executive Policy Committee, which will submit the annual budget for 2018.
Wyatt will be very hard.
The redistribution of scarce funds for such a bold initiative was forced to seek support.
Wyatt said the municipality could help the town hall develop initiatives to offset the carbon footprint, and that developing solar energy would be an entry-level project, in addition to the agency\'s ability to explore other alternative sources of energy from the Brady landfill, wind and methane.
\"There is a lot of potential, but I want to start with solar because it\'s practical right now and we\'re far behind in this area in Winnipeg,\" said Wyatt . \".
\"The city has a great revenue potential that can offset our traditional reliance on property taxes.
\"Town halls can implement planning policies that encourage the adoption of solar and alternative energy in existing residential areas and industrial parks, and can install solar panels on their own buildings,\" said Wyatt.
\"I think we can really push our city forward,\" said Wyatt . \".
\"According to our climate, we are a great solar center that can drive a lot of solar energy.
\"Wyatt\'s plan was echoed by Kuhn.
Ross Eadie expects the new agency\'s funding to increase by $200,000 a year before reaching the highest annual budget of $1 million.
Wyatt said it could take about five years for the new agency to start making profits for the town hall, adding that it should be allowed to keep those revenues for the first 10 years. aldo.
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