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by:SEEKING     2020-06-02
By assigning Rs.
Coimbatore plans to overhaul the city\'s street light system once a year. Mayor S. M.
Velusamy announced the decision, after some lawmakers complained that the street lights in their area were not on for a long time and that their complaints against relevant officials did not yield the expected results.
Member A.
Nandhakumar, which sparked the debate, also said recent rains, bad roads and no street lights have damaged the safety of many drivers in the city.
Shortly after, Anna de la Vida monitra Ka, a member of parliament all over India, took root
Balaam joined him too.
He said the residents of his ward were also victims.
This prompted the mayor to ask why the maintenance of the street lamp should not be restored to the ward office.
At present, the company has concentrated and outsourced these businesses to contractors.
The company may fine or withhold their payment against the contractor, but they cannot achieve the purpose.
Is there any other option he asked the city engineercharge K. Sugumar.
The official replied that the purpose of replacing the choke or light bulb or any other part is limited, as the whole street light system has been around for decades and problems will continue to arise.
The best solution is to replace the system of toto. Mr.
Sugumar says the old town-60 wards-44,000-
Strange street lights, about Rs is needed.
Replace the entire street light System 25 crore.
He also suggested that the company could participate in the project in stages and complete the work within a few years.
Please, Mr. Mayor.
Velusamy said the company would consider spending Rs.
5 crore a year to transform the entire street light system.
He also asked the Council to adopt a resolution in this regard.
Coimbatore Corporation has carried out similar projects in this regard for the increased areas. At Rs.
The company plans to replace existing lights with new ones and install new ones.
The work is in progress.
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