Contemporary Lighting Techniques

by:SEEKING     2019-11-14
Lighting can change the look of your home and change the color and texture.Not only does it illuminate your path, it also creates a mood.In recent years, with the introduction of compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs, LED lighting or lighting, there has been a significant improvement in lighting optionsemitting diode.The new lighting plan should include the use of energy.In some cases, the building code requires efficient lighting.The successful lighting has a layered effect, so that there is a general ambient lighting and one or two areas of the task lighting, such as reading or cooking, or the lack of light in the media room.Please have a qualified electrician to install your lighting.Good-The quality lighting in the kitchen makes preparation and cooking more enjoyable than the light-less room.To illuminate the entire space, embedded lighting is a great infrastructure for contemporary lighting styles.Install task lighting, such as LED ropes, above the countertop and at the bottom of the upper cabinet.Use one-to-There are three chandeliers on the island, using materials such as transparent or colored glass or metal.The bathroom benefits from a combination of embedded lighting and water wellslit mirror.Install sconces that evenly disperse light.Modern lighting can be fun or whimsical and has a sculptural look with less decorative details than traditional styles.One such example is a large circular glass fixture located above the talk area.Add contemporary ambient lighting by installing two sculpture wall lamps on both sides of the console.Modern lighting focuses on unusual shapes and sizes.Add an arched floor lamp with a stone base to the classic modern style club chair.Focus light generates lighting in a specific direction and adds a layer to the already established lighting plan.A good alternative to embedded lighting is the use of track lighting on the ceiling, which can be rotated in different directions to get a balanced light, or to highlight art on the wall.Illuminate your art with picture lighting, and even if other lights are darkened or turned off, you can shine softly on the art.Create dramatic results by hanging two or more large pendants in the hallway or fixing devices to hang multiple lights on the table.Let the lighting be the center stage of the Interior sculpture art element.A smooth round glass suspended in the dining area or a metal bell of various colors shines down on the table like a spotlight.Modern lighting finishes include pendants made of brushed metal and stained glass as well as marble floor lamp bases with large linen drum tones.Modern chandeliers are linear and hang in a straight line with crystal strings of different lengths, rather than traditional layered designs.The glass ball on the side table is simple and sculptural and is the foundation of contemporary style.
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