coimbatore village installs 120 solar street lights

by:SEEKING     2020-04-21
In a major initiative aimed at reducing the financial burden on local institutions and promoting renewable energy, a Coimbatore panchayat installed 120 solar-powered street lamps.
The move brought immediate benefits.
The monthly electricity bill for Kurudampalayam Panchayat is Rs.
Lach has fallen by 40 age points. Tha.
Murugan, project director of the regional rural development agency, told Hindus here Thursday that the panchayat was the first local institution in the region to adopt solar energy to such a large extent.
The state government contributed half of the total cost of the Rs project. 1.
The local body lifted the rest.
\"We will now encourage institutions elsewhere to follow suit.
Kurudampalayam Panchayat can serve as an example for others, \"he added. D.
President Panchayat Ravi says there are eight highs in total. power 72-
The tile lights are installed at the main intersection of panchayat, and the rest are installed on the Mettupalayam Road.
They are installed in the middle position to illuminate both sides of the road.
These lamps have modern LED cooler bulbs, which emit less heat and require less power.
Battery back-
Even if the sun is low, ups will last for three days, 12 hours at a time.
Kurudampalayam Panchayat, which has 15 wards, has 13,000 households with a permanent resident population of 30,143 and a floating population of about 15,000.
Given the success of the pilot project, the local government plans to convert all of its 2,500 street lamps into solar energy.
In the first phase, it will install 50 with 30-
In public places such as intersections and cemeteries, each light bulb is a watt light bulb.
Several lights will also be installed in areas where elephants are often seen moving near the forest.
\"After completing the project, the EB bill of panchayat will definitely drop by 80,\" he said. Ravi.
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