coimbatore corporation installs solar street lights in …

by:SEEKING     2020-04-25
Coimbatore, with the support of Singanallur mla r, did not offer much fanfare.
Chinnasamy has started installing solar street lights.
According to Deputy Commissioner S of Coimbatore Corporation
Sivarasu, civic body has installed 220 solar street lamps so far and 50 are being installed.
Each lamp is powered by a 27-watt bulb.
He said the company has installed lights in wards under the Singanallur parliamentary constituency --
The entire eastern district of Coimbatore, all wards in the Central District and Ward 38, 39, 40 and 45 in the North District. At Rs.
So far, the company has spent nearly 33,000 a street lamp of Rs. 89. 10 lakh. And Mr.
Chinnasamy allocated the total amount from his constituency Development Fund. Mr.
Chinnasamy said he assigned Rs.
40 lakh in 201112 and Rs.
50 lakh in 2012
Install solar street lights.
\"In allocating this money, I told the company officials that the money should be used only for the installation of solar lights, because after the announcement of the solar policy by Chief Minister, jayalitaya, I want to install solar street lights in my constituency.
\"I also instructed officials that they must consult with the relevant ward members to choose the places to install, which must be in the slums or where people have no street lights for a long time. ”Mr.
Chinnasamy also said that in the first year of distribution, he asked Coimbatore to install six street lamps in each ward that formed part of his constituency.
The second year was nine years old.
Company officials say they have installed lights in places where slums and poor people live.
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