Can our logo or company name be printed on lighting warehouse ?
All lighting warehouse can be provided with customized logos. We offer professional design, production and customization services. We will confirm the design with the customer before production.

SEEKING has been exporting its high quality led street light for many years. focuses on providing a variety of flood light for customers. SEEKING havells led street light has experienced a series of appearance inspection procedures, such as fabric color, sewing thread cleanliness and so on. A 5-year warranty is guaranteed for the product to upgrade customer experience. _x000D_ The product has excellent heat dissipation effect. The surface area is maximized to contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air and the cooling liquid. It uses low wattage for noticeable savings when it comes to the annual energy bill.

We have established a clear environmental protection plan for the production process. They are mainly reusing materials to minimize waste, avoiding chemicals-intensive processes, or processing production wastes for secondary uses.
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