campaign to raise rm72,000 to build 60 solar-powered street lights

by:SEEKING     2020-06-14
Eat a spoonful of pepper or have a happy McDonald\'s meal in a mix.
This is some ridiculous challenge, and the team members of the two social movements-inciting and ascending Malaysia-are willing to accept it if it means that 68 orang asli families from Kampung Teras on The Slim River will receive street lights
Mohd Zikry Kholil, co-
The founders of the two social movements said they were carrying out a campaign called \"raise RM72, 000, build 60 solar energy\"
Power street lights for the village of 112 people.
\"The event is divided into 10 fundraising targets for different families.
\"When a family reaches the fundraising target, one of the team members will face a crazy challenge,\" he said . \".
\"When all families reach their goals, we will have an American singer, songwriter and record producer Akon do a challenge,\" he added . \".
Guangsheng is an open society in the world.
Founded in 2011, the source movement aims to provide ecological sustainability and cost
Provide effective lighting for poor and marginalized communities.
Malaysia lights up 20 villages in the Cameron Highlands and one in Sabah kennago.
At the same time, the instigation activities, which began in 2011, translate people\'s inspiration into actionable steps for personal growth, helping communities challenged, while also promoting volunteer services and social impact for local youth.
They\'re next now.
Create social business through the booming international community and institutions in five continents and 44 countries.
Mohd Zikry says Kampung Teras has been out of power for a long time and has been living in the dark.
\"Candles and bonfires are the only light source.
\"The campaign also aims to spread Malaysia\'s awareness of energy poverty,\" he said . \" About 1% or 300,000 Malaysians live in an environment without any electricity supply, he added.
\"The holidays are right in front of us, but we often forget that there are people who are only two hours away from the city and have no privileges we have,\" he added . \".
Mohd Zikry says 931 solar units have been installed-
Power lights affecting 562 orang asli homes.
The campaign will continue from now until December 25.
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