bright shining \"hidden solar\" security light

by:SEEKING     2019-11-10
It\'s a good idea for solar lights.
They store energy during the day and then use it to illuminate the night.
No need for wiring, portable, light weight.
Sadly, most are benign \"lights\" and lack the ability to provide real lighting.
In addition, they also use very white LED which is good in efficiency but harsh and unattractive.
Many people use old nickel metal hydrogen batteries and have unsightly exposed solar panels.
In this note, we built a stand-alone, solar-powered, real \"safety light\" that is attractive, has hidden solar panels, has bright and warm color light, use modern lithium batteries for less than $80.
As a \"Jack from all walks of life, but not a master\", this is an experiment of learning and teaching for instructures.
By the time I wrote this, my safety emergency light has been running successfully for several days.
The main components are: 1)
Lamps, 2)
Solar panels, 3)
Battery and 4)
Solar Charging Controller.
The fixture consists of a housing, bulb and socket.
Your own 3D printer can use the fixture housing for free!
Otherwise, a copy fee will be charged for 3D Hub (
Don\'t forget to print two files if you use them --
House and support ring).
For the fixture case, I have included the Autocad dwg and dxf files.
These files are used to create 3D models in another Autodesk product called 123D Design.
This great little program is powerful and powerful, and the most important thing is that it is free! From there an .
Stl files are created by model files that 3D printer software uses to generate Gcode for 3D printing.
The bulb is Type 3 W, 12 V, LED, MR16.
MR16 means \"multi-faceted reflector\" with a diameter of 16x1/8 and a diameter of about 51mm.
These bulbs have various power, color temperature, Lumen, beam expansion and dimming functions.
The light used here is \"warm white \"(
Kelvin temperature 3200)
There is a beam propagation of about 35 degrees (35-
40 is medium flood)
And it\'s dimmable.
Dimming is important because the solar charging controller is programmable and can be used at various preset dimming levels.
If you spend less sunshine each year, it may become important in your area.
If there is less solar energy, you can weigh the amount of light with the number of hours running at night.
Rated lumen for light output.
Lumens are a measure of light, just as inches are a measure of length.
This bulb outputs about 400 lumens at full power.
To better understand, the lumen rating of a standard old 100 W incandescent lamp is 750 lumens, so in the case of 400 lumens, this bulb is about equal to 50 W incandescent lamps. Footcandles (fc)
Is the measurement of the amount of surface light.
This fixture provides 3fc on the ground and the light is lit around 8.
From a point of view, most city commercial car parks only require the lowest light of 1fc.
Here is the link to the bulb--$5.
99: The socket floats freely in the housing and is only connected to the bulb.
Here is a link to the lamp socket-$.
88: this is a link to a free Android smartphone app that measures soccer candles called Light Meter Pro: Summer in Southern California is about 10 hours a day every 24 hours, 14 hours is the day.
Of course, when there is 14 hours of darkness, it will gradually reverse to the middle of winter, which is our worst case.
We need to divide 14 by 10 to find the proportion of power outages in winter.
Given my intention to use the 3 W bulb, we need 1 W.
Enter 4 times of 10 hours.
Since the system is only fully charged for about 6 to 8 hours on the most sunny days, the light can only work at full capacity for half a night.
Since I \'ve been testing this system for about a week, the solar energy can barely stay all night, and after 9 or 10 hours the lights are very dim.
Another set of parallel solar panels will drive the system on any occasion, long or short, winter or summer.
Solar panels-the $23 installation platform is a piece of stress-treated wood.
Pressure-treated wood is essential for Wood exposed to these elements.
All holes, screws and cutting surfaces should be sealed and waterproof to prevent dry rot and termite damage.
Pressure treatment used by the $2x4-8 system (6)
Lithium ion 18650 battery.
Each of the three is in series and the two are in parallel.
This setting gives us the capacity of 12 volts and about 4 amps.
You can put the battery in two brackets as shown in the figure, or use a laptop battery to find the positive and negative poles connected to the system.
Buy one of them and even if you take it apart, it comes with a battery management system to prevent the battery from overcharging or running out of discharge.
Laptop Battery-6 cores$20 Holders -$2.
The method of the battery holder is good, but in any case they need to be waterproof by spraying some transparent sealant on it.
The solar charging controller is the brain that operates.
The device opens the way for solar panel charging to sense when the solar panel is completed in a day, which will turn on the lights and start timing and dimming programs based on user input.
The unit separates the solar panels, which can be pulled out of the battery when no power is generated.
In addition, the battery charging mode of your specific battery type can be customized and programmed.
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