bright idea? citizen-controlled street lamps

by:SEEKING     2020-06-05
Dorentrup, a German town, originally produced street lights because it felt that it could not afford the electricity bill.
A frustrated citizen suggested that when residents need it, they should have a way to turn on the lights, and the County Council in the neighborhood of limago took his concerns seriously.
Now, registered citizens can make quick phone calls or leave messages on their mobile phones (
Called \"convenient\" in German \")
The modem connected to the software, which can remotely control the switch of the street lamp.
Six lights on-
The digital code in the area, but it is said to take only a few seconds.
The lights are 15-minute meter.
This German dial-up light system is turned on-
Call street lights are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 tons per year.
Equivalent to 11 4-
According to The Guardian, it is an individual family.
It also reduces light pollution.
After an 18-month pilot, lemagnesium is now ready to roll out Dial4Light to the rest of the world, as the Council has turned the system into a business idea and said, it has gained interest from all over the world.
At Dorentrup, the cost of the phone will turn on the light within an hour.
In Rahden, another German town, street lights will cost nearly $5 an hour.
While it seems a bit distorted to charge the citizens to use street lights, it does help all of us realize that electricity is not free.
On the other hand, for safety reasons, people who need lighting may not have the time or ability to call for lighting assistance.
Dial4Light says the system is really low.
Use the route of few people between midnight and dawn.
There are other innovations in street lights. -
LED lights reduced energy demand in tests in Oslo and Stockholm.
Los Angeles will carry out led renovation of 140,000 street lamps. Solar-
The power LED light, known as the sun tree, shows hope on the streets of Vienna, where hybrid wind and solar lights work in Athens, far away Ontario, Canada, and Aichi, Japan.
A brave tinkerer has proposed a piezoelectric control trigger switch that can light up lights or street lights on the road ahead, so that there are few, even on distant highways --
When needed, the path of travel can have light.
Integrate these more efficient and/or renewable sourcesenergy-
Driving street lights with citizens-
Control switching seems to be a good concept, and there are a lot of applications as long as there is a bit of intelligence.
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