\'Bay Lights\' to shine at Tuesday kickoff

by:SEEKING     2019-11-03
Artist Leo Villareal, in a hotel room overlooking Embarcadero, tested his \"Bay Lights\" art installation on the Bay Bridge.Artist Leo Villareal, in a hotel room overlooking Embarcadero, tested his \"Bay Lights\" art installation on the Bay Bridge.Light a few mouse clicks on the keyboard of a small laptop, click a few mouse clicks, late last week Leo Villarreal was in a dark hotel room overlooking Embarcadero, bring the Bay Bridge to life and start working.Villareal is the artist behind four spectacular \"Bay Lights\" installationsTower crane span of the Bay Bridge.He spent the weekend finishing the public art exhibition, which uses 25,000 individually programmable white LED lights to create an ever-changing image on the north side of 1.8-mile bridge.The New York artist has been testing the light sculpture on and off since January, causing a lot of attention on the waterfront and causing a stir at cocktail parties and social media.But the \"Bay Lights\" project will be officially unveiled at 8: 30 on Tuesday.m.There will be a live webcast of lighting ceremonies, as well as a series of official and unofficial gatherings.A speech will be delivered, the compliments will be distributed, and then rakareal will click the mouse to illuminate the \"Bay Lights\" that appear on the bridge every night from dusk to 2 in the morning \".m.At least two years.\"No major public events happened that night,\" said Tami Kelly, a spokeswoman for the project .\".\"Whether it\'s along Embarcadero, on Mount Malin, or on the East Bay, we want people to find their perfect viewing point.\"They will witness the impressive image display on the four towers of the bridge under the night sky.The lights are bright and can be easily seen without being fancy or noticeable.Sometimes they shine or flash, moving up and down or flashing slightly.Images move on the bridge like traffic, clouds, flocks of birds, giant fish.Lighareal has programmed the lights to create images that look familiar but never repeat, and he is reluctant to define or describe the lighting patterns on the bridge.\"I don\'t want to deconstruct it too much,\" he said .\".\"It\'s abstract;This is what people see.It should be an optimistic, peaceful thing that people want to see.\"Even in the testing phase, you can see --and talk about.Since January, 46-year-old Villareal has been allocating time between San Francisco and New York, working several days a week.But he heard about it.Read through social mediaA lot of praise.A Yale-The educated sculptor, Jorge areal, later became interested in technology and worked in Silicon Valley.He incorporated his passion for technology and art into the lighting sculpture, which includes customized software and lighting.The artist created his first light sculpture for the Burning Man in 1997.Since then, his works have been exhibited around the world and are part of a permanent collection of museums, including the New York Museum of Modern Art.The most prominent job is 200-Walk through the National Gallery of Washington, he used 41,000 led.He recently created a 30-Colorful LED lamp full color sculpture on display at Madison Square Park, New York.While barnareal is an art creator, it was inspired by Ben Davis, the head of the San Francisco public relations agency \"text picture ideas\", which has been working on the eastern span project of the Bay Bridge.On 2011, a few months before the bridge\'s 75 th birthday, Davis sat outside the Ferry Building, looking at the span, wondering how to focus the public\'s attention on it, because it\'s an amazing structure, not a commuter barrier.He had seen an exhibition of a village in San Jose and wondered if the bridge could become a light sculpture.The concept is at a lowNovember 2011 birthday party of Kewan Bridge.Since then, the people of the \"Bay Lights\" have worked through bureaucratic red tape --Villarreal, but Caltrans strongly support-And began to raise $8 million for the project.They have raised $6 million so far, and Davis said he believes they will make sure others are safe by donating a lot and by being willing to donate $50 to choose and name the lightsAbout a dozen people, including eight electricians, worked late at night on the bridge cable above the bay, installed 25,000 lights, and connected the string of lights to the suspension cable using a zipper.They also installed a master computer and a complex network in central anchorage.\"It is difficult to work there,\" said Saeed Shahmirzai, construction manager .\".\"Especially on cold, windy nights, especially 200 feet from the bridge and 500 feet from the water.\"Installation, can only be done between 9 p.m.and 5 a.m., Started on October and completed on January.Alimareal has been testing and finedBecause it is usually working outside all night on Embarcadero, the lighting sculpture has been adjusted.Given that the light sculpture is located on the side of a bridge, the test is very public --\"We can\'t cover it with curtains,\" Villarreal said .\"Davis and Villarreal also received immediate comments.One night, when the lights turned on, Davis said, he heard the people in the seaside restaurant gasping and then kept silent.Villareal said he was very pleased to hear people say they missed the night he didn\'t test.\"If I can make something that can be an important part of people\'s lives, I think I have succeeded,\" he said .\"\"Michael is a special contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle.E-Postage: mcabanatuan @ sfchronicle.
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