\'Bay Lights\' dazzles, but symbolism dim

by:SEEKING     2019-11-03
The self-The reliable power of the Bay Bridge has never been respected as it should be, and the latest weak signal comes from an unlikely source: 25,000 LED lights that will decorate the span over the next two years.The light is connected to the 300 suspension cable connecting the Marin lineFacing the bridge between yebbuena Island and Linkong Mountain.The device is programmed for abstract light cleaning, and the pattern will overflow the vertical cable from dusk to 2a.m.Cool business?Off the chart.Since its debut on Tuesday, social media and mainstream media have been hotly debated.But once the freshness is gone, we have only one left.8-The Mile light display has little to do with the structure it connects to or the natural environment it shines on.The creators to threeAs a whole dimension BridgeThe side background shown by programming.The device, known as the \"Bay Light\", was conceived by Ben Davis and his corporate text picture idea really works for Caltrans.\"I tried to figure out how to make the Bay Bridge shine again,\" he told the Chronicle last year .\".\"Then it hit me.It can be a canvas, not just a bridge.\"The next step for Davis is to hire Leo Villarreal from New York, an artist who specializes in what he calls a massive\" light sculpture.Although the workers of Bleyco, an electrical contracting company, spent six months installing lights on the bridge, domareal uses a laptop to shape what he describes in the same article as a \"carefully curated but never repeated sequence \".You can almost imagine it as music, but it is mapped visually.\"Putting aside the question of whether turning\" just a bridge \"into a canvas is really a promotion, I admit that the final performance is an empty enjoyment.When the light stripe from one set of vertical cables to the other sets of cables is blurred, they may be anything at any timeFrom the tram crossing the bridge to the cloud shift of the Phantom Engine in 1958.In a flash, the cables are as clear as the harp strings, and then they dissolve in meteor showers, Firefly clouds, or any metaphor of your choice.These are not well-planned riffs, but rather rippling impressions, and Villareal is smart enough to keep things subtle.But for all surface pleasure, or surprise when part of the device is caught between the docks or reflected on the water, this \"light sculpture\" is as thin as the single unit that assembled it.What \"Bay Lights\" lack is the richness of the Bay Bridge, a deep-rooted sense of place.Each major element adds momentum and depth: horizontal thrust of the roadway from east to west, four 50-The story tower, in the middle of the Channel, a huge concrete Anchorage, has risen by more than 200 feet to meet the needs of cables and steel.braced deck.Design of a team including engineersH.Purcell and Glen.Woodruff didn\'t seem to break a big step.There\'s no magnificent golden gate here-This makes the play more authoritative.The \"Bay Light\" is as relevant as all of this, just like a napkin is placed behind a chair.The bridge element highlighted by the rebareal is the least important part of the composition, with a spacing of 30-The feet are spaced and less than 3 inch thick.Everything else remains the same.This means that the four soft triangles float in space instead of conveying the connection between the structure and the Bay.To make matters worse, the led only appears on the vertical cable that spans the north edge and is better presented to the people of the city center towers and upscale restaurants;The cable facing one side of the community like Potrero Hill and Mission Bay is still very dark.What you see in Embarcadero south of Pier 24 is the choppy rear view.This may not be surprising a generation ago, but in a city with a cultural center moving south, the emphasis on one side seems to be off --balance -and off-Balance is the last feeling that a person should be connected to a bridge that carries an average of 280,000 vehicles per day.\"Bay Lights\" is compared to the \"Running Fence\" in 1976\"Veil of 18 milesfoot-Before Dillon Beach falls into the ocean, it winds through the high fabric of simalin.Not so.Artist Kristo and JennyClaude created magic by changing our perception of the terrain while repositioning the landscape and paying close attention to it.Burns and the villageSo far, donors have provided $6 million of the $8 million needed private funds --Show us something else: a glowing bid for attention at night.When the lights dim in 2015, it\'s as if they don\'t exist at all.City design critic John King of the San Francisco Chronicle.E-Postage: jking @ sfchronicle.Com Twitter: @ johnkingsfronleo shimareal\'s light show on the Bay Bridge can be seen on Sunday, February at number 14.10.On March 5, rakareal illuminated the Bay Bridge with 25,000 LED lights.On Sunday, February, from Pier 14, you can see the light performance of Leo boyareal on the Bay Bridge.10.On March 5, rakareal illuminated the Bay Bridge with 25,000 LED lights.
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