astronomical clocks in street lights!

by:SEEKING     2019-10-22
The new system will help turn on and off street lights in time.
It must be in the daytime that the street lights are on, the opposite is true after sunset, but once the citizens\'bodies are installed on No. 1, it will change very quickly.
There are 1. 7 million street lamps in the city, which can ensure the normal operation of street lamps.
This will be an environmentally friendly initiative that will help civil society save electricity costs.
Astronomical clocks are designed to show the sunrise and sunset times of specific urban seasons and to control electronic boards accordingly.
\"Astronomical time will help to operate street lights according to the sunrise and sunset in different seasons,\" said an official in the Lighting Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Company. (AMC).
The installation cost of the time switch is about 35. 1 million rupees.
At present, street lamp is controlled by hand, so it consumes a lot of time and energy.
\"A total of 2200 sections(road stretches)
It was manual, and by that time the last section had been closed and it was daytime, \"the official pointed out.
Another problem AMC faces is that the time of sunrise and sunset varies from season to season.
Now, if we set 6.
At 30 a. m. , when the street lights were turned off, it became a problem in winter because the sunrise was too late.
Therefore, Pre-
Setting a time every 15 days is a problem, \"the official said.
Similarly, for nights, if the timer is pre-set-
Set it at 7 p. m. , because different seasons and sunset time are different, it should be changed every month.
But in the case of astronomical switches, there is no such requirement, he added.
\"With the help of new sensors-
Based on the system, the street lights will be turned on and off automatically.
This will help save electricity costs and illuminate the road at the right time, \"said Municipal Councilor Gurupasad Mohapatra.
Municipalities spend 180 million rupees a year on street lights.
With the new system, AMC will save 600,000 rupees a year.
Although the bidding has been completed and the work will be completed soon, the pilot project and the actual installation will take at least four to six months.
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