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Anytime Fitness (Jordan Springs) in New South Wales, Australia


Customer Introduce
Anytime Fitness (Jordan Springs), a popular Physical Fitness Center in New South Wales, Australia. It helps people re-rack their weights, make their job a little easier,  takes very little effort and will keep the burn going.

Projects Description
XJ-HBL120W Replaced 400W Metal Halid Lamp in a GYM
Australia This project is made in Oct, 2014 in a GYM of Australia. As we can see, after long time use, the metal halid lamp has a great light loss, it becomes yellow and dark. first we try our XJ-HBL150W,but the resault shows too much LUX,so we change the calculation to XJ-HBL120W ,this is the better solution which customer needed . to provider a brighter environment for people who do sports here.

Design Picture/Dialux
Energy Saving



Before installation, client use the 400W MH lamp

After changing to our XJ-HBL120W, the GYM much brighter

Handsome guy aslo happy with LED

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