adapting modern led technology for urban street and industrial lighting

by:SEEKING     2019-11-01
The usual lighting provided by traditional lamps on the streets of the world is slowly but surely giving way to modern and more energy --
Saving lamps and lanterns.
In modern times, the most common street lamps are completed using mercury lamps, followed by sodium steam lamps.
With increasing emphasis on energy conservation and reduced reliance on oil for power generation, the latest member that governments in many countries, including China, have accepted is LED light fixtures.
The most commonly used lamps for energy saving are LED street lamps, which have become popular in many towns due to the very bright light it provides and the low energy consumption.
LED bulbs have been found to be very effective in converting energy into pure light without converting any energy into heat.
In terms of energy, 60-
The WA incandescent bulb is equivalent to the execution of the same lumen light for one month --watt LED bulb.
They are also found to be persistent, so it is often not a problem to replace them.
LED floodlights for street lighting have been found to last more than 50,000 hours, which is why many manufacturers offer 2-year guarantee.
The use of the best industrial use LED lights has also entered the industrial zone, where they are used on the factory floor and also for night-time general lighting in the factory or industrial zone.
Lamps that are usually placed on a high level to illuminate a large area are called LED High Bay lamps;
In the factory and work area, they are placed at a height of more than 25 feet to achieve a uniform distribution of light.
Typically, LED fixtures (such as high bay) do not need to focus on light and are found to be very useful because there is no glare or flicker that is usually associated with fluorescent lighting.
Typical LED High Bay lamps emit about 120 lumens per watt, which makes it a very effective light source and consumes the energy of fluorescent lamps.
Lightweight FittingsLED lamps used in factory or street lighting have built-in thermal protectors and surge protectors, ideal for places where power supply is uneven and vulnerable to surge.
The LED lights do take some time to warm up, but once they reach their full potential, they will remain completely bright and will not flash or pass on any external heat.
These types of lights also require specialized housing that can provide the perfect solution to many problems in today\'s urban streets.
Usually, there is a special mold for LED street lamps
The cast aluminum profiles provide excellent uniform light distribution.
Mounting frames and brackets are usually made of stainless steel to ensure that they do not need to be replaced for a long time.
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