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by:SEEKING     2020-06-12
Shimla: in Hima achal state, people can get new clean renewable energy in the form of solar photovoltaic lamps (SPV)
Under the guidelines of the Ministry of new energy and renewable energy, the subsidy is 70MNRE).
Those who choose to grid-connected roof solar panels/power plants will receive a subsidy of 70, and the remaining power will be further sold to HPSEBL at a price of Rs 5 per unit, in addition to the use of free solar energy, this will also increase the income of individuals.
The chief minister, Virbhadra Singh, said this on Friday during the meeting of the management bodies of the HIMURJA in Shimla.
By concentrating solar power, he said, people in remote and rural areas of the state will be able to power around the clock. -
According to the general plan of the individual--
Each 1kWp to 168kWp will be available initially.
So far, in addition to the tribal areas, 46 quantity supply orders have been placed.
Virbhadra Singh said that although the country has achieved a few percent of the electricity, few people
Coastal residences in very remote and tribal areas face low voltage issues and untimely disruption.
Solar energy, he says, is the only alternative to electricity in these left-wing countries.
Hamlets that provide uninterrupted power through decentralized solar photovoltaic applications.
He said the state is developing two solar cities in himra and Hamirpur.
The final master plan for the development of Shimla and Hamirpur cities as solar cities has been approved by the Joint Department of new energy and renewable energy.
According to the project, the 15kWp power plant has been commissioned at Panchayat Bhawan, and the 20kWp power plant has been commissioned at the old bus station in Shimla.
He added that in order to install the 20kWp solar power plant on the ridge, the heritage board is waiting for approval and 1790 SPV family lights in the slums around Shimla are being distributed.
Unlike hydel, where solar energy is distributed more year-round and equal across the state, the cautious approach is to mix energy rather than single energy, so coal and natural gas --
Base sources should be replaced by clean and renewable sources for reliability and safety.
In addition, efforts are also being made to install wind energy plants in DALSA, Kuru, in Bharmour, Chamba, in Arsu, Kuru, in dalhousi, Chamba, in kza, Keylong, lingti-
Spiti, Dharamsala is in the area of Kangra, and Chopal is in the area of Simla.
1,422. It was informed at the meeting.
5kWp capacity has been put into use at different locations in the state, including 200kWp of 10 kwp Baru Sahib on Kangra Rancer Island, individual 82 kwp of 350k spiti at Kangra IPH Department building, 100kWp at HP Secretariat, shimla\'s 100kWp, HP\'s 100kWp of the high court.
The solar photovoltaic power plant being installed is located in places such as Shimla of 100kWp, Kibber of 10kWp and HPU of Shimla of 50kWp.
Under the solar photovoltaic project, 66,967 street lights, 23,386 domistic lights, 39,246 lanterns lights and 1,222 lanterns lights.
The 5kWp SPV power plant is installed all the way to the state.
In the 12th plan, there are 10,000 SPV street lamps, 2,000 domistic indoor lights, 1,000 lanterns lights, and 1,000 kWp for solar power plants.
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